This is beyond ridiculous

Anyone else noticing a problem with this? In two days I have won only two battles, and lost my way from the Jurassic Ruins down to Lockdown. I am not arena dropping intentionally, I am literally being put in unwinnable match after unwinnable match. I changed my dinosaurs to more even dinosaurs because I wad told that threw boosting was causing my issues, but now that I’m approaching the bottom, the battles are actually getting worse.

I never whined about the old way the arena worked. I didn’t ask for this.

No, but the people that whined about arena droppers did. Now we all get to suffer.


I’ve dropped to mid Lockdown, climbed back to high Lockdown but can’t get back to Sorna because of lvl 22+ superboosted Einiasuchus (Ludia managed to make it more annoying by adding slowing to it) and Miragaias (same as with Einia). I don’t really mind the Sinos though, I’ve usually got at least 1 dino to get rid of it. When I got out of Badlands I was happy there were next to no Einias, but they’re back and with more HP…

Hey, if you can get all the way to the ruins with a team of level 15’s none boosted, I may be coming up to meet you with my level 15-16 teams. I’m less than 100 below Lockdown. I’m not trying to intentionally go up but I’ve been drifting in that direction.

If you can beat teams that have boosted creatures at those levels with level 15’s, your doing really good.

I’ve ran into a 21 Indo and 22 boosted Miragaia. I did beat the team with the Indo. I think I had a team of stunners. Every creature on my team had one or two stun moves. Yea, those 75% chance of stuns seem to work 100% of the time.

Dont blame the players who were unhappy about the droppers and then complained about it, if those players never dropped down to beat up on weaker opponents we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Its the droppers fault, not their victims who spoke up about it.

If they didnt drop and terrorise players, there would have been no need to complain in the first place.

No dropper = no complaints about dropping
No complaints = no Ludia wrecking matchmaking

Also its on the devs not to go overboard with “fixes”.


umm always blame ludia. they always execute poorly.

Thats true, while the squeaky wheel gets the grease, its on the repairman to not go overboard with the grease ^_^.

But also without the dropping Ludia wouldn’t have the need to go overboard :P.

Then we can all complain about something else…personally I like to go with exploits :slight_smile:

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but honestly. the mm is ok. there isnt much they can do for teams that stay at the bottom. its a game of progression just like before boosts

they need to figure out the low team high trophy bug. but i wont hate on them. congrats enjoy.

Yeah I cant really think of a fool proof way to fix matchmaking, its always going to have pro’s and con’s and a way to get around it.
Though I do recall it being significantly better during the older versions of matchmaking, as while I did encounter droppers, it wasn’t all the time so it was tolerable.

I suppose there is one good thing about the current matchmaking being unbearable (well unbearable imo, maybe not everyone). and that is, that when something is unbearable, things can only get better :slight_smile:

Edit: The continuation of the game for me hinges on 1.9 and if fixing or not fixing things.

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i put together a solution awhile ago. but just like you cant use boosts till level 10. you shouldnt be able to use certain dinos(strength lvl boosts when applicable) in certain arenas.

once you enter the next arena, via boosting a dino, leveling a dino above a certain threshold or gaining a unique, you automatically move up to the next arena and can no longer partake in lower arenas no matter what.

for instance. you level 5 dinos to max level. thats an achievement and unlocks next arena. you cant go to any lower arenas. this will make you think first before leveling.

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instead of trophy arenas, achievement arenas.

ofcourse you still gain trophies to be the best but you cant leave the arena untill you meet the goal.

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I agree too. I have level 15-16 dinosaurs and what I face off are dinosaurs that are 19-24. This is RIDICULOUS.

The boost rewards from daily incubator were probably enough to discourage droppers, we didn’t need this weird system that thinks lvl 15-17 can take on teams of 20-24 (with boosted uniques in them too). Heck I’m sure even I ruined someone’s day when I got matched with them and they were 5 levels below three critters of my team.