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This is BS!


I’m a halfway decent player. I know I’m nowhere near one of the best players. My highest level dinos are 15s and 16s. I can’t play all the time cause I have a job. I just want to know how level 10s and 11s are constantly and consistantly beating me in the arena! It’s getting to where the game isn’t fun any more at all. I dont want to win all the time cause that wouldn’t be fun either. I just want to face off against a FAIR opponent!!!


Honestly the game is all random. Flip a coin!


Need more info than that if you want an actual answer. Do you? Or is this just venting?


I just want an answer to my question.


The game has knocked me back down to the badlands. I was almost to the Sorna marshes.


You gotta show us your dinos if you want answers so we can see what’s going on


This is my team.


I’m jealous. 20202020


Mostly raptor team that will get easily mollywapped by a stegod or anything with superiority strike


Dont be. I keep getting beat in the arena. I’m about to just quit fighting in the arena and just collect and hit the strike towers.


Actually I just put blue and pyro on 5he team to get through a strike tower.


Put in dimetrodon and stygi in place of blue and pyro.


I’d put that level 15 in and take out one of the level 12 raptors. And probably swap out the other level 12 raptor for Postimetrodon or Dimetrodon. They’re both immune to negative effects. I haven’t used Stygi before but I hear it’s good.


You need tanks…lots of them. Raptors are easy kills these days, especially Velo. I have a level 20 velocirapror & a level 18 utahraptor which I no longer use in battles becos they are unable to take 2 hits and still survive.


These days raptors aren’t very good, 1 raptor on your team is plenty as they are very high risk now but have a potentially high reward. I personally don’t think Blue is very good, I’d either keep your regular velociraptor or your pyroraptor. I’m not a fan at all of the anklyosaurus, why he has no counter attack I’ll never know, lots of dinos can easily kill him. I would use either Ouranasuarus or Stygi, and you want to build a suchotator I think, something with nullifiying strike is very useful. I would highly recommend working on getting Nodopatasaurus and Amargacepholus ASAP.


You dont have any hybrids… Focus on them, by level 10 my team had several. The thing is, everyone is complaining about the arena and losing but youre just leveling off where your skill and dinos belong. Try new play styles and keep improving your team… Im stuck right around 3800-3900 but I belong here because the people who are knocking me down have higher level dinos and better dinos. You level out where you belong


@James_Brannock more than half your team is the same as mine, with the exception of Blue, Allo, and Einia-thingy.

Now I’m also level 8 and you can see my team below.

I’m currently at 2,919 trophies, never hit 3,000 before so very close. So if I go back a few weeks, I was constantly going back and forth between 1,900 and 2,400 and it was infuriating mainly because I kept going between arena 4 and arena 5 constantly.

Back then, and this is only a couple of weeks, if that, I had Blue lvl 12, Nundasuchus lvl 15 and Ankylo Gen 2 lvl 12 on my team instead of Stegoceratops, Kentro, and Amargocephalus, mainly because I didn’t have any of them unlocked.

I knew Blue had to go as having Vraptor and Pyro was enough raptor for my team, and I knew Nundasuchus had to go because it had become too basic.

Once I unlocked the 3 epics, I chose them because I realised I was missing dinos that had counter-attack, and stun. For a while I had Dimetrodon in, then replaced with Ankylocodon because they have passive immunity, but ended up replacing it with Stegoceratops.

Once I had got rid of Blue, Nunda, and Ankylocodon I found that having the 2 dinos with counter-attack and one with Stun has helped me a massive amount, and now I have shot up from between 1,900-2,400 upto 2,919.

Of course I only do battles whenever I have a incubator slot, so I do between 2 and 5 fights a day, unless it’s a 24hr incubator.

So just looking at your team, compared to mine for now, you have too many raptors, blue needs to go, but you did say you just had it in there for a strike tower so that’s fine. But you have no counter-attack dinos, these can help greatly particularly at times of swapping dinos, you also only have one slow-down dino, the Stego.

How your team looks right now I’m a little surprised you almost made it to 3,000, but i’m not surprised that you are dropping down more than you are rising. I think you need to give more time to getting DNA and fusing some dinos, than be concerned about getting back up in the ranks.

That’s my thoughts anyway, you can do what you want with it, but i’ve been in your shoes, and i’ve seen how beneficial changing my dinos to have new ones that have special abilities like counter-attack and stun really do help. I’m expecting, if I reach 3,000 soon, that i’ll get to a point in early in Sorna Marshes that I will start dropping more than I rise, and that will be a point where I need to improve or change some dinos, but that may not be easy until I unlock them.


I dont get to play that often so it’s kinda hard to find spawns for all these. Dont want to spoof. But it feels like that’s my only option to getting what I need to be able to compete in the arena…


No… Simply no. Ive had the game 7 weeks now, never cheated or spoofed and I only play 1-3 hours and not even every day and Im 3900+.


Less raptor more hybrid tank aim for stegodeus 1st , make a gorgosuchus for wrecking tanks and then make a nullify Dino for dealing with indom or buffers or shielders. Stegodeus is a very strong legendary with good all round moves with armour piercing. While being a tank. It’s also made with DNA that is really fairly common