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My post was a criticism of the matchmaking algorithm and its impact on players. I am uncertain how it could have been misconstrued as a justification.

Also, boasting is generally indicative of pride in a achieving a rare accomplishment. Congratulations.

Was hardly boasting, i beat a player 900 lvls lower than myself, was simply making a point that algorithms are flawed. And I am in agreement with you, my criticism too, is with the nonsensical algorithm designers.

I realize you were the messenger in this case and believe me, I wasn’t shooting you🙂

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Ya its painful. I battled 1 guy who was way under me, drew my main group lvl 17/18, he had a lvl 13 pali in party. Not to mention that his gear wss also inferior. I though about giving up my 10+ win streak and tossing the match. After 1 round of doing bare minimum, he had barely scratch my party…sigh so I put him out of his misery. Its sad really :sleepy:

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I just had a 9 game win streak, thought there might be a new look for 10, was excited to see, clicked battle, I was waiting and waiting for my opponent… when I thought this is too long, I restarted the game only to find I’d lost the battle, a battle I never got to start. REAL - - - - and I still don’t know about 10!

Maybe one day, a player will actually have to be in the fight to lose, we can all dream, but I’m losing hope!

Not sure these guys know that allowing this nonsense to continue, that eventually players WILL leave and never return, I’ve see that happen to games, ones with much larger followings!

Hi Orloch,

Just for a little clarification, I am told it is not the highest trophy count of all time, but rather the highest trophy count of either the current season or the previous event’s trophy count. Whichever one of these is higher is used. This was done so that when new seasons begin, matchmaking while not always ideal is fairer then if solely trophy count was used.

Well I’ve just lost 9 battles in a row, regular battles, I gather these players are finished with the Joppa event.

The system for matchups is BROKEN!
And please no explanations there aren’t any that will justify the garbage I’M witnessing the past 6 months!

Fix the GLITCHES, they are certainly outpacing your efforts!

I finally lost a match today. No battles in regular battle mode, so I tried ToM, lost right away. Streak gone :rofl:. The guy who won was a bit lower lvl over all and I like to think I got beat by initiative really. ToM seldon works for me, and is soo time consuming to complete. I would like new toon mind, but bucket.


Thanks for the clarification, specifically with regard to the recent change. Such information is always appreciated.

However, the change you described seems less favorable to Event players.

First off, Months ago, Ludia confirmed the term ’Highest Trophy Count’ refers the highest count achieved over the current and previous season. As such, this did not change with the update.

I agree adding a second variable to the matchmaking algorithm was a good idea. However, as described, this secondary variable can only work against the Event player. Consideration of the both, the Highest Trophy Count (HTC) and the Previous Event Trophy Count (PETC) could benefit the player if the lower of these values were used in matchmaking. However, by utilizing the higher count the development team has ensured that matchmaking is either equally or less balanced.


Maybe I am confused, but if we took the lower of the two, if one player scored high on an event and then the trophy count was reset. They could be matched with much weaker opponents who just arrived at that trophy level. Would it not be extremely unfair for the weaker opponent to be matched with them? While taking the higher will match the player with players on a more equal footing since they both were competing at the same trophy count albeit not at the same time, which may lead to a tougher time but fairer?

@Keith, @Ludia_Developers, yes I will confirm there is some confusion as to where the problem causing the mismatches resides. Your attention seems to be focused on a problem that does not exist.

The problem with the algorithm is mismatches which occur between Event players and much stronger Battle Mode Players. The mismatching results because two completely different algoritms are being used for each of these players:

  • Event Players - Now matched by the greater of the players ‘Highest Trophy Count’ or the ‘Previous Event Count’
  • Battle Mode Players - Matched against ‘Current Trophy Count’

The chart below is an example of the one Event Battle I tested since the update. Notice, I was playing in Event Mode while my opponent was participating in Battle Mode. As such we were matched at a approximate trophy count of 4000, by our appropriate Mode algorithms. (See yellow highlights)

2020-06-25 - PvE Sample

As such, the system matched me against one of last season’s top 2 players. The discrepancy between our heroes and trophy counts is immense. Two days ago we would have been separated by more than 4000 trophies in regular Battle Mode.

Even though I do not regularly participate in Event Mode, I have continued to flag this concern on an ongoing basis for many months. The useless tinkering you have described does nothing to fix this fundamental problem which players continue to complain about.

If support does not understand this problem I am willing to directly speak with someone to help resolve the issue.
image image

Below are just three of the many threads in which this has been discussed.


However this gets solved, I find at seasons end likely a week prior, my matchups are generally pretty balanced, the big discrepancies arise just after the season starts and players are reset, many stay put to take advantage of, in this instance, the Joppa event.

I’ve mentioned in the past that ideally test of might events, especially ‘character access’, should not fall on the week of a new season. Other less impactful events could occupy this week, allowing everyone time to regain their status.

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You are correct @Khmer. Using the example I noted above, the player I was matched with would be back up to 8000 trophies near the end of the season. I would have instead been matched against a suitable player. The problem is diminishes as the season progresses.

I also agree, until the problem is resolved, [it wont be] big events should be avoided during the reset week for the reason you identified.

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@Keith can you clarify if it’s using the starting trophies of the previous event, or the trophies that you ended up with at the end of that event? Also, is it possible to tank your event trophy count past where you started at? If it’s using the ending trophies, and it’s impossible to tank… Well, that looks like the game is using the trophies that are a "reward "for winning battles and sticking you in the back with them because once you’ve got them, it’s impossible to get rid of them ever again.

Hello Khmer, I have passed on this request to the team and they said they would keep it in mind for the next league reset.

@JustPassingThru The end of the event trophy score is what is used. I hope this helps clear some things up.

@Keith it doesn’t quite help enough… Can you answer if a player can go below their starting event trophy count, and, is there any adjustment to the ending trophy count before using it as the starting trophy count for another event?

part of the problem is there are a lot of sandbaggers. People who have lvl 17+ characters still sitting at like 3k rating when if they were just an average player they could be at 4500. They do this to game the system. IMO events and even regular season mode average character lvl should also count into the equation. Once your character hit a certain level or your average level of character hits a certain level it should automatically make you fight people who are in those same parameters. I would be willing to bet there are more people who have teams that are 17+ and could be 4500 than there are actually players sitting at 4500+ at the end of the season. Its damaging to the game in numerous ways. First and foremost it really sucks for lower lvl people to get instant loss matches due to teams they should not be fighting. Second it makes those of us at 4500 constantly have to fight bots in battle mode due to there being hardly anyone in that bracket to fight, even though there should be people in it. The system only benefits the people taking advantage of it while harming those at the bottom, and at the top at the same time.


@Kingoffarts, I agree a small portion of the issue is sandbaggers. Ludia has unsuccessfully altered thing many times, including changes in the recent update, to combat tanking. As such there is some logic in matching players as you suggested. Unfortunately, Ludia’s initial attempt to base matchmaking on hero level failed. Some players such as Retsamerol had well equipped heroes, but did not advance them beyond level 10. As such he was constantly matched against level 10 players with far inferior equipment. Many others, myself included, were compelled to follow suit. [Note: Keeping hero levels low also impacts the level of bots you face in the low and mid-tier leagues]

I agree there is an issue with excessive bots in the higher Leagues. Unfortunately, Ludia’s solution was to match Battle Mode players against Event Mode players. This would have worked except the two separate algorithms provide a strong advantage to the Battle Mode players. This is what creates the striking imbalance during events.

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Well, next step is not to do any pvp outside events so you can milk the rewards easier. Harm not only the game’s income (less chests opened) but also bullies the poor souls starting who dare to join it. I refuse to fight bots indefinitely too, since pvp is meant to be pvp and I get smashed by em anyways, so I will always fight people, for bad or good of it. Since they will keep the rewards for brackets as they are, I couldn’t care less. Level/equipment power aren’t being taken into account imho, so that’s the most logical thing to do.

[quote=“Orloch, post:20, topic:137438”] I
agree there is an issue with excessive bots in the higher Leagues. Unfortunately, Ludia’s solution was to match Battle Mode players against Event Mode players. This would have worked except the two separate algorithms provide a strong advantage to the Battle Mode players. This is what creates the striking imbalance during events.
I don’t fight bots, I’m at 3250 bracket since the last reset and I keep getting extensive long queues, even with plenty of people doing the event right now. Next league will be better since I will not move my trophies this season. Just another way to play the system from now on (which I never did before), until they find a decent solution. Hard to have any incentive as they keep wanting us away from pvp as it seems.

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I am getting close to 4I trophy count again. I am a person who plays daily, but battle only really to add to my chests. I never tank matches, but after reset it takes me awhile longer than some to get back to where I was. Just before reset I was approx 4400. The new win streak, streakbreaker bonuses do seem to make that quicker…this is a double edged sword in while it makes me get where I should be faster, I am even now less inclined to do ToM for I will just loose my streak bonuses. More of an add on to which you guys where discussing, but I thought I’d add it in.