This is dino worth having?

I just finished fusing this super hybrid, is it worth putting in my team?

Here is what my team is composed of, what should i remove/keep? Bare in mind i do not play arena that much, little at all really, my main focus is doing those 26-30 strike towers

I guess I would say try it out. I like this one for the 2X swap as a way to get to your next creature without getting this one taken out and always good when you take out your opponent on the 2X swap so you have a fresh creature to go against the next opponent creature.


I would say yes but there are two better versions of it… reniex and dilorach


Im currently trying to get those, but i do know for certain that really close to utahrenix

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It’s not bad, but Dio uses the same dna and it’s fair to say Dio is a bit better


I am using it in my team. At level 26. It does ok. I like its two 2x moves. And it’s counter.

It is easier to level compared to Dio. Try it out in strike towers and friendlies.

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I tried out the dino in the strike towers today, and despite it only being level 20, im really not impressed by it.

I swapped it out for the marsupial lion hybrid as that one is almost at level 20 and i have plenty of its components to level it up

Today’s trash is tomorrow’s treasure. I wouldn’t say invest on It, but save the dna to fuse If It gets buffed. Other than that try It out and see If It works for you.


You already have Dilorach and Dio though, which share dna and Dilo does a similar thing. I also don’t like relying on stun in strike towers if I have a chance of losing, since they only work 75/66% of the time. Your team looks pretty good as is!

I’m biased, so maybe I can’t say too much without favoring it.

But she’s cool when you have a team that somewhat depends on switching around, like if you have Monosteg and/or Daryx. And yes, Dilorach is better, but Touramoloch does have better health. Rinex also has more attack, but Touramoloch has those two Rampages.


Yeah. I’m… Dedicated. I’ve aspired to get her since laying eyes on her, and I plan on keeping her in my team /^^

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A tip for you:
I’ve mine lv27 12/3/0, just invest on health as priority, its worth.

I have a soft spot for Toura as it was my 1st unique and stayed on my team a long time. Where you’re at it will probably elevate you and it has a role even as high as Gyrosphere but it does get out paced around 5700 and becomes a “right situation or liability” dino

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Coolio. I was legit wondering if I should just boost the health after a while… Toura toats needs the health to deal with those blasted over boosted Thors ;_;

thor 1,5 + instant charge doesnt beat it and you beat him 100%

unless he crits you twice

Lol so does dilorach and rinex and they do with way better and with more health

Which he tends to do -_-

Lets say Thor is mediocre xD

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Lol ya but even the surprising tura beat both reniex and dilorach I think?

Since immunity to stuns it can beat rinex too yeah

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