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This is enormous

Arena should be fun. But it isn’t. Im was in ruins with lvl 17-18 team, played 1 battle, And then lose 10 times in a row, even with bots, who have lvl 20 134 speed t rex, lvl 23 145 speed velociraptor. I dont know how my friend wins battle in ruins, with level 18 team, still facing lvl 19 opponents. Those are mine:

People drop to marshes these days? Either way,smurfing isn’t intresting at all.

Not like I’ve fough lvl 30 t-rexes in marshes,totally

But yeah,either hard-carry,either dropping.

Also,if someone has this badge
,he’s a dropper,as it’s 1k unique DNA obtained.(if you’re in marshes)

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I feel sorry, that you faced that, just like I had to face a max erlidom, when i was in the marshes

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I’m now ttying to get that badge i just need only 910 dna of a unique dinosaur… only got indoraptor now… lol hahaha

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