This is farcical

Im attempting to play the current tournament and the matchmaking is so unfair. I keep getting matched against overwhelminly powerful opponents with zero chance of winning. Why can’t it let players compete against others with a similar strength set of dinos?
Even worse, the stupid game is now making my score a negative (lower than zero). How the hell is this allowed? Im now currently sitting on minus 32.
Time to delete the game i think


I totally agree with you , but the only way you can look at it is this .
A tournament is an open arena for everyone to compete , from the top players to the very beginner . So there will be unfair match ups , it’s inevitable , but eventually you should find a balance .
Imagine if you only fought players slightly lower than yourself , and won every match . You could win the whole tournament and the players with much better teams than yours would be pretty upset by that !

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If that was the case then i would fight at least some lower than me. Every opponent ive had is coming with minimum level 23 legendary dinos. Its utter crap the way the matchmaking is working with me

Well as I said , I do agree if every match is like that for you . You should be able to get at least a few matches with similar teams to yours .

Yeah it sucks… The right thing would be for everyone to face players around their medal count until you reached the furthest you could, but many times we get ramdomly matched against way stronger players with a lot more medals… when I was ranked 300 I faced people competing on top 20, with boosted level 30 creatures… It’s infuriating.

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I’ve been matched with top 200 teams that are 500+ ahead if me and also with 3000-3500 trophy players. @Arnold is right, it should be based on medal count.

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That’s not a problem with same-level tournaments, 'cause everyone has equal chances. But at actual level and boosts avaiable, it’s chaos…

Not to mention the trophy awards! or losses. Total imbalance. I stopped battling last night. It’s infuriating.

It’s been crazy, that’s for sure. Got matched with someone using a lv17 unboosted dino. Next match, lv 24 boosted dino.

I got to 149 trophies, and I’m just going to leave it there.