This is Fun and Not - But more Fun than Not

I’m up to 82 creatures, level’s 15 and 16. I chain battled 12 matches yesterday. The pictures show all the different creatures I had on my teams. The yellow dotted ones actually made it into battle. So I had 29 different creatures on my teams and 23 made it into actual play. Lost 8 and won 4 matches. I was getting a bit high in trophy’s and expected a little drop. Only down 97 trophy’s.

This was a lot of fun except the occasional over leveled and over boosted creatures some had that just ruins a match where I’m not even able to get a shot in. Just bit my lip and moved on. The lesser more evenly boosted opponents, win or loose makes for good matches especially when we are swapping in and out to win.

The unfortunate thing is boosts kills some of the fun of working to have a large pool of different creatures to play as I can never boost them all. In the pre-boost time where I started working on this exact idea as I’m playing out now, this would keep the game more interesting and fun where I’m not stuck with only one team of good creatures.

The idea of bringing up creatures to level 20 and add unique’s into the pool is out because of boosts. I don’t want to become insanely bored by funneling down to only 8 really good over boosted creatures. That’s no fun. I have over half the games creatures at my disposal to play.