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This is getting really annoying now

I’ve been trying to get this achievement for weeks now, I’ve gotten multiple perfect scores while darting and I’ve not gotten it. I’ve even counted how many darts I’ve fired, 13 like it says. I’m non VIP so I cant exactly fire more than that because I don’t get the extra time. Nor am I going to pay for this games trashy VIP just to get an achieve for 2 sanc interaction. :roll_eyes:

it is very picky with timing. i used a common from a scent and jsut went ham and released as soon as it was ready to fire, not worrying about aiming. took a few attempts. the 13th dart has to be fired just as 0 is coming up on the screen for the game to count it.

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Can all discuss about the horrific reward.

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Its making me want to pull my hair out.
I got a perfect score on an Inos and it didn’t count the darts…

Pick a large backed dino (I used allo) aim outside the circle but still Hit the back so it doesn’t move. Fire and immediately put your finger back on the screen, release as soon as the circle reforms. You’ll get it

@Qiew is 100% correct.
You dont want a perfect score.
You want to rapid fire ASAP into the dirt.

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OK, so I don’t even worry about the creature?

yeah don’t worry if u get the shots or not, just rapid fire til you get 13 shots fired! that’s what I did with monolophosaurus g2

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It doesn’t matter which Dino you do this one on. Just dart the ground as fast as you can. Ignore the target completely. Make your goal to shoot 13 darts, not to hit the target.


That’s not part of the acheesement, just fire as many darts as possible.
Aiming will slow you down, you have to release as soon as it loads.

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🤦🏻‍♀ that’s so dumb.

My problem is the misfires. Targeting ring appears, let go to shoot, and nothing. Actually managed 14 (no aiming) but 4 of them were misfires where nothing happened.

I get misfires sometimes even if I’m not trying to shoot as quickly as possible. They are very annoying and have cost me quite a bit of DNA.

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With no VIP I was able to get a 390 on a raptor. You have to be extremely close and fire constantly, but it’s possible. On some creatures tho it’s simply not feasible or possible to get 390, or even 13 hits. Keep trying and you’ll get it…the 8 direct hits on an epic though is the real doozy.

That Epic one has been a challenge. Three times now I’ve managed 7 direct hits but flubbed on getting an 8th hit. Or I have a great start with the first 4 shots all being direct but then miss and can’t seem to find that shooting sweet spot again.

I managed to get 8 direct hits on a legendary within the past few weeks. Those are usually more difficult than the Epics so I know I’ll get it eventually. Just don’t like being locked until I do.

Yeah lol the achievement says “use 13 or more darts”, nothing about direct hits or anything. Just pick some random dino and spam them.

I may have to try a different device. The most shots I can get off on my phone without a misfire is 11. It’s very frustrating to shoot and not have a dart fire.

What??? :face_with_monocle:

aiming and getting hits doesn’t really matter, you just gotta fire 13 darts, doesn’t matter if its a direct hit or a miss or anything, I hope that answers your question

only for 2 food too, that is horrible

yep, rewards are amazing