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This is getting ridiculous. 😡

Come on, another week without an update to a female character. :angry: Ludia REALLY needs to show the ladies some more love.

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I’m still holding out hope Hazel comes back tomorrow

I reckon it highly unlikely they’ll bring Hazel back now. If they were going to bring her back, she’d have returned by now.

They wouldnt abandon a character without finishing their arc, to me bringing her back tomorrow makes perfect sense because it is Halloween and I just didnt feel Cianan

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On Instagram they are giving hints that some characters might come back

@JDR For all the Hazel fans out there, I hope I’m wrong, but I highly doubt she’ll return tomorrow. Bringing back a Halloween character actually on Halloween makes very little sense. If they were going to bring her back, they would’ve done it by now.

@_ghxstgiirl Unfortunately, just because they post about characters on Social Media doesn’t mean they’ll return. :cry:

Maybe so but I can’t see Ludia abandoning her

Based on how indifferent they can be towards the female characters, I honestly won’t put it past them, unfortunately. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah I think they brought back Eveline/Jade last week just to shut us up

My thumb twiddle game is strong.

I’m missing Fei, Sage, Felicia, Jade and Dahlia

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I agree! I’m really missing Felicia and hazel right now :pensive

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Another day with a character I don’t care about

yeah, I learnt to not be excited when I see this kind of things on their media :confused:

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You mean like using Jasmine in their recent promotion for gems?

Another day and no females :disappointed:

Seriously Liam/Min-Jae is back again. They were only back a few months ago.
C’mon Ludia, what are you playing at!?! :rage::rage::rage:

Seems like they’re getting ready to end several of the male characters stories :man_shrugging:

Ugh that’s 3 weeks since Jade/Eveline returned :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Jade/Eveline’s last update was October 23. Prior to Jade/Eveline’s update, Fei Wu was the last updated female. Her story was updated September 17th. I created a spreadsheet to track the updates, and the disparity between female and male updates is ridiculous. From the data I have compiled there have been 122 male updates, 40 female updates, 28 male and female counterpart updates, and 14 non-binary updates.

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