This is goodbye, kind of


As some of the most active users of this forums might have noticed, I’m participating less and less these last days. The truth is I haven’t been playing a lot lately, I just don’t feel like opening the game at all. I keep doing the mandatory matches to fill my incubator slots but that’s it - I even forgot to get out the day of the Postimetrodon and lost my shot at it! Not that I care too much. Tomorrow I will hunt Rex, I suppose, but I’m just not motivated with the game lately. It probably has to do with many of the issues that Ludia doesn’t seem to want to address, but it’s also about my mood, some things I’ve been going through and my current interests. Who knows if in a week or a month I will get obsessed with the game again, or just quit for good, but for now, I wanted to at least say goodbye to some of the people I have been talking to in here these past weeks. I will still log in now and then but I won’t read everything, so if you want me to see something, make sure you reply to me directly or mention me so that I get the notification. Best of luck to all of you! <3


:sob:Nuuu, why you gotta leave, man?


Well, I’m not leaving, exactly, but… I don’t know. I don’t feel like spending hours battling (like I used to) or hunting around town anymore. Maybe another game has something to do with that… :roll_eyes:

Also, I’m not a man, lol, I thought you knew :stuck_out_tongue:


Another game?

I know you’re female. “Man” is just one of those more “neutral terms” I use like “dude”.


Wow, good luck.
As far as my V-raptor reached lv24 yesterday, I noticed this game isn’t a pay- to-win game, but a pay-to-play game.

Even though I bought all one time offer, I just lack coins to keep evolve other dinos, and couldn’t promote my own level anymore. The only choice is spend some cash to buy coins, which I’ve never done before.

This situation confused me. I’ve never play any game try to limit your resource like this.
Is this even appropriate?:roll_eyes:


It’s okay, I understand. I can relate, having games on my laptop that have gone by the wayside since I started JWA. One day, I’ll probably feel the need to take a break, and dust off my Final Fantasy collection on Steam, or Civilization Beyond Earth.

Do what you have to do, Lyra - for yourself. We’ll be here, holding down the fort until we see you again!


I just found out that the trick to gain coin is to not play - I currently own 100k coin and increasing because I do battles but I don’t level up my dinos because I don’t hunt anymore lol. Nah, I actually bought two of these offers of 37k for 500 cash last week, spent a lot of time getting that cash for free via tapjoy, man that was a grind. So now I have a lot of coin that I don’t use because I don’t feel like playing anymore, what a joke.

In all seriousness, though, maybe that was the last straw for me. I spent two days farming free cash like crazy to get that coin offer, and when I finally managed, I realized that wasn’t fun at all, just frustrating. The point of playing a game is to enjoy and the coin cost of evolving dinos is NOT enjoyable by any means, so I got tired and moved on to something else, I guess.

I will be back, though. I’ve grown addicted to my Rexy’s victory roar, I can’t abadon her forever!


Ooooh, it’s just, so many people in these forums have assumed I’m a male, I’ve gotten used to correct them :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, a Marvel one, a phone app too. But I probably got obsessed over this new game because I was already feeling tired of JWA anyway so it’s not really this game’s fault. I just don’t enjoy JWA as much as I used to. Probably in time I will miss it and enjoy it again, who knows :3


You’ve been helpfully vocal and the kind of constructive poster this community needs. Will be sad to see your participation diminished, but I can totally see where you’re coming from.

Until things change, I think we’re going to see a lot of that kind of reduction. Who knows, in the near future maybe I’ll join you.

See you in PMs!


… and of course I was filtered. :roll_eyes:


Sigh, thanks for reminding me another reason why these forums were getting so annoying to use. Won’t miss the filters, that’s for sure.