This is how every tournament is supposed to be!

Since we already have a topic dissing on SIA damage users (and very right in doing so!). I thought I would make one about its bright side: the variety.

This is the first tourney we had in a long while where we can pick from a huge amount of usable creatures. It shows the potential of tourneys in this game, way more fun, challenging and unpredictable then other tourneys, especially the avalanche of Epic ones we had. Yes sure, we have some old familiar stupid faces, like the stupid Rhino, but still. The usual OP creatures can be countered more easily. Also, the Pho nerf was crucial for this. Even with the nerf, it’s still strong, but far from the annoying OP thing it was.

If I could say one bad thing about this tourney besides the already mentioned swap ins… I dunno, let’s see… oh, maybe SPEEDTIES!.. Fortunately the variety helps to avoid them in many cases, but they’re still present as always, and they suck… But that being said, the game seems to be heading the right way regarding tournaments… Just need some tune-up here and there, especially with swap in damage.


I agree these tourneys are actually better than those during the horrible immune meta

Of course there’s still some issues like speedties, rng and random teams but at least it’s getting better

More variety means more RNG. But it’s a small price to pay for more fun… The problem I have, as I said, is with speedtie and swap in damage…

I have lost every speed tie this weekend.

How about a skill tournament that is mixed with advantage where you get 1 (yes just 1) of each boost and can choose which dino to put it on (once placed you can’t remove it and will lose it if that Dino is taken out of your lineup).

Yes you could still get speed ties but it lowers the odds slightly and throws something else into the mix.

I think that this is the best tournament we had for a while. And i seem to be lucky because i did not have a speedtie yet^^

The variety is a lovely change of pace.
Each battle feels different, and I’ve actually been chopping and changing my team.

Variety is nice, but when people swap out on you just because they can, it gets raster annoying

Well now, nothing can be perfect in this game… I just lost FOUR matches because I disconnected! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Is there a connection issue going on?