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This is how fun and exciting battling is for me now


Yeah, me too…

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I know, right?

Oh boy. I need an incubator.



Yeah like I was in the end only doing the daily for the boosts, till I realised that those boosts I was after didnt change a damn thing anyway lol, my team was still destroyed by P2W crowd, my team was still getting one shotted by boosted Thors, my uniques were still getting ratted and MM was still putting me up against teams of stupidosaurs…they I started thinking, not only don’t I need these boosts, but I don’t even need the DNA lol.

Who needs boosts and DNA? so I could see a level 26 get annihilated and lay on the floor, instead of seeing my level 25 annihilated and laying on the floor? lol


Yeah, I’m sort of grinding my dinodex and then probably quitting. As the arenas are no longer my way to acheive this, my screen looks similar. The next three weeks with a rhino are gonna suck though. Rocksteady is going to be a grind and a half.

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I used to play in the arena all the time, but I too am getting dejected by the bad MM. I’m just being put up against hyper boosted level 30s which is no fun.

I was at the same trophy count as the OP, so put out my ‘B team’ to practice for the Legendary tournament.
Lost lots of matches, and now I’m in the Library.
Now I’m constantly matching hyper boosted Level 29s.

I suppose that’s progress…

So are you not finding matches, losing to people, or losing to ai?

I can’t battle cause have so many incubators. :man_shrugging:

Starting next week till the end of the month, I’ll have reason to battle for the daily’s when the DBI comes up.