This is how Ludia plays the game..and they’ll do it blatantly!

Come on Ludia. Are you pulling our legs? Stygimolochs in Alliance Missions AND Daily Missions? Don’t tell us you thought of that really hard before implementing this november?? If this is your favorite dino, don’t force us to make it our favorite too!

I hope we you update this or compensate for the time we’ll waste for atleast 2 weeks. image image


welp, maybe they are hinting at something…
wink wink
possible new stygimoloch hybrid


Another useless hybrid? Lol. This year the game started bad and after some updates…its now worse.

maybe it might be a good hybrid, just with stygimoloch


Based on Ludia’s historical actions? I doubt!

Paramoloch and Tuoramoloch are some of the best dinos in the game, at least as raid supports. Besides, it’s impossible to say how much a possible Stygimoloch hybrid would actually resemble it. For example, Gemini inherits almost nothing from Koolabourgiana. If they really are adding a new hybrid to the game, I simply fail to see how that’s a bad thing. I’d just try to stay positive, I guess :man_shrugging:


Yea tru I like the idea of a new stygi hybrid his hybrids so far are vital to raids that everyone wants to do, so considering stygi’s hybrid history I’d love to see a new stygi hybrid


Terrible Head
Stygimoloch + Andrewsarchus
Legendary or unique if you want
hp: 3300
attack: 1400
speed: 128
armor: 0

Cleansing Strike.
Impact and Run.
Instant Charge.
Rending Takedown
No Escape

(Cleansing strike can be replaced with shielding strike if you want)

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Its easy to post this because its a proposed new dino. Lol.

I doubt they’ll new seta of dinos that are useful. 3 updates passed, any new dino that’s useful? Lol

Stygi has always been my most hated creature in the ‘only epics allowed’ tournaments, even if it had a hybrid, I would never do it.

I hated it to the point where when I killed it’s kid paramoloch, I waited a few seconds to exit the ‘you win’ page to relish in the pleasure.

Tuoramolch intensifies


Its touramoloch and paramoloch season ladies and gentlemen