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This is just cruel Ludia

Ok so background first. I’m closing in on getting Diorajasaurus and I just need Rajakyla DNA and yesterday I had a solid amount of dinos around me and today for Rajakyla, Indom, and Tyrannolophosaur. The closest Dino is a Rajakyla 500 meters away! Seriously the one day with a legendary I need it’s extremely far away and nothing else to be seen :rage:

no offense but just go out and get it


Dude 500 metres is like at most 10 minutes walk. Its very achievable if u want it.


Unless he is on quarantine


Ok sorry I forgot to clarify one very important thing. This post sounds really petty but yes I’m on quarantine because I have a heart condition that makes Covid even deadlier to me so I have to be extra cautious sorry again for not clarifying that I’m in quarantine so that was why I was complaining

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Sorry about your condition. Give the day some time if you can, maybe the spawn will shuffle and give you access at some point.

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oh sorry about that

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Don’t sweat it I phrased it in a very petty way I would’ve responded the same way

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I do agree, the spawns of exclusive creatures are starting to get extremely annoying, just yesterday i had almost no spawns for the epic creatures and the closest ones were like 300 meters away. And they were both literally RIGHT NEXT TO EACHOTHER. like seriously how does that happen? The spread of event spawns need to be improved