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This is literally every pvp game I play :(

Screenshot 2021-05-14 9.49.07 AM

Welcome to the forum. May I ask what league are you in?

I’m in hunter league.

Your creatures are to weak to progress past Hunter league.


this isn’t my strongest team. I was just experimenting to see if the enemy would be all legendary even if i use weak dinos

Then I am confused about your thread, and what you are asking or trying to portray.


My most powerful team is lv10 dilophosaurus, lv40 tricerotops, and lv12 alanqasaurus. after two games, every opponent i got had a team of all legendaries.

My brain is being mashed up Into some sort of brain flavored barbecue sauce, its so confusing

Again in Hunter league you should expect teams of all legendaries (low level ones, but all legendaries). Typically a team of lvl 40 super rare creatures fares well in Hunter league. If you are bringing a full team that is less than this expect trouble with the battles. Some times you can get lucky but most fights will be a disappointment.

Welcome to the forum there is a lot to learn about the mechanics of this game and how the various events work.


This is a little confusing to me because in the eryops tournament last week, I got in mid predator league with my best dino being a lv30 majungasaurus.

That was a bracketed tournament, which means you were in the lower bracket and had an artificially easier tournament because of it. This is a standard tournament so you are in the same difficulty that every player is facing.


Ok thanks. I think I understand now

anyway if you expect to get to dominator or even predator a lvl 10 dilophosaurus is not strong enough

Hi @IMAWATERBOTTLE can i see ur lineup?

sorry i meant dimetrodon. I forgot what it was called when i typed it.

lv20 dimetrodon, lv40 tricerotops, lv17 alanqasaurus is my stongest team right now.