This is my favourite sauropod!


Superiority Strike
Cleanse. Deal 1x damage. Opponent’s speed reduced -33% for 1 turn

Act first. 50% shield for 1 turn. Opponent’s speed reduced -50% for 2 turns.

Deal 2x damage


That’s a great skill set, for sure!! Me wantz @.@


I agree. It’s an awesome dinosaur. I also happen to like Sauropods very much in general. :grin: If my squad could comprise exclusively of them, that would be the dream!


I feel that way about tyrannosaurs and similar. If my team could be Rex, Rex Gen 2, Tarbosaurus, Allosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus and Lythronax, I’d die a happy woman.


Mine toooo! I faced one in an arena and, firstly, the animation is stunning. Totally different from other sauropods, not folded all over on itself to fit in the screen but upright and proud. Also, I love how it gallops and stomps when you go in to catch it. I’m very lucky that there’s a specific spawn point down the road so I usually get at last 1 per day if not more. My pretty long necked baby.


And it has the best name- Big Giraffe. Number 2 on my top names list, right behind IRRITATOR. :wink:


most (all?) attacks/abilities that don’t do damage are kind of a waste. like “bellow”


I want this one… wish it wasn’t a glitch.


Are you low level? …


Some are, depending on what they do and who you are up against.

In this case Bellow is pretty good for countering raptors… their Pounce is now reduced to a normal attack, and they are now slow so you get to go first the next two turns and all the raptor can do is Bite the next turn and likely won’t survive the second attack if he doesn’t get swapped out.

I don’t use it often, but Adrenaline Pulse has been helpful to stay alive just a bit longer.

Instant Cripple is a good one too to save you from that monster attack that you know will be thrown out at you on the next turn and you know you can survive the smaller ones but not the bigger ones… along with Instant Invulnerability.

Adrenaline Surge is good too when you’ve already used Ferocious Strike and someone throws out Nullifying Impact at you, and you need that extra damage and health boost back to take them down on the next turn.

Sometimes blocking and powering up is a useful tactic to hit harder the next turn or to live through a vicious move. Just throwing punches doesn’t always win you the fight.