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💔 This is my heart right now

Now that VIP is a thing, does that mean more matches will be returning soon?

I understand that character development is needed, but I miss my girls so much, like Clementine, who I haven’t seen since the end of November. As for the rest of my matches, like Eve and Sage, etc. I haven’t heard from them since they first went grey back in September.

Also, when there’s a new update for Clementine can I get an “I love you”. from her? As in her last update, before she went offline for a while, I managed to get my relationship status with her to a :heart:. Please :pleading_face::pray:t3:

How ? I have Grace and only got as far as the heart eyes status

@GoodGuyVoodoo i miss the girls too. it was nice to see that rose/dahlia is back today.
im still waiting for evaline to come back after her short storyline. the one they still gots us waiting for the longest sage which is rediculous.

i hope to also soon get updates from clementine eve and samantha

@JDR depending on how long you have been playing they will go offline for a bit and come back with the recent update that goodguy was talking about. i have gotten the same one

I’ve been playing since September


me 2. clementine should have come back from her 1st extended leave and have done the 2nd half of her storyline and then grayed out again

I’ve been playing since last Spring and haven’t seen some of my matches for almost a year now.

Vittoria for example.

Clementine/Grace got an update late last year so I doubt they will be back soon and that storyline ended on what felt like a definite end of season one kinda vibe.

I can only imagine how much of a pain that new room mate is gonna be when she does return though.

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I’m not too big on the Clementine story. Mainly because of how close to home it hits. Also for as smart as she is supposed to be, she’s really naïve
regarding your end of season 1 comment, that’s how it seemed for Sage and Eve. It would be nice if they would update faster

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@JDR I’ve done all her story so far. Plus I unblurred every picture, reacted to every picture and message and I could, plus I choose all the gem convo options during both messages and on dates

@DannyDivine It was nice to see Dahlia/Rose again. I too am still waiting for Eveline, I don’t like it when it starts getting interesting and they then go grey, it’s really frustrating, Let’s hope it’s not too long until they all get updates so everyone is happy.

I Have a heart from Grace, Emmalyn and Damien. To be honest, I hadn’t even paid attention to those emojies until this chat.

Of those 3 I’m happy to have :heart:s with Grace and Emmalyn but the only reason I’m sticking with the Damien storyline is to see if he gets the chair :rofl:.


No wonder I didnt do the diamond scenes with anyone because I didnt have the diamonds on hand after unlocking the pictures for every female

Damien is the only one I have a heart with