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This is my meta


First of all, excuse my english, I’m spanish. :stuck_out_tongue:

In this moment I’m not having much fun with this game. It’s a general feeling that many of us are dissapointed with the new meta, the small number of competitive dinos, the “plague of rats” and all that stuff. Well, I’ve been thinking about it for a few days and this is my revelation.

I don’t really mind about my trophies or the arena I’m playing. What I really expect from a game is getting fun, enjoying the time I play so, why not creating my own meta? Since the past thursday I’m playing just for fun, I’m done with raging anymore. My meta is just fighting with dinosaurs that actually existed (I know some people is already doing so, more or less at least), no hybrids for me. And know what? I really have fun when I play and fight them, it’s something mental “I love dinos and graphics of this game so I’m just going to enjoy them”. I was at lockwood and now I’m at isolation but I’m one hundred times happier than before. I loose almost every combat and I don’t care, but when I win I feel so so good. I love watching my (actual) dinos fighting, their movements, their animations and now I feel like I’m really playing as I should for having the fun I had not before.
If some of you want to send me a friendship request I will be glad of accepting and playing with you. :yum: