This is my p2w and this is what i have

In case someone asking if whit 1500 euros someone can have uniques at 30 i can tell you not.

And this is my team atm, to that money i can argue i grinded a lot too like 3 hour or more daily

This is a total of 2820 euros more or less xd


Awesome team!

Eh, apart from the erlidom mine isn’t too different and I spent exactly $10 on VIP once.

(Still Censored)
Ludia absolutely loves you


Ofc there is hardcore grinders like in all games.
But i mean my team is bad compared to most of the top 50 guys, and new people think they only wasted 1k even 2k euros to have their teams, and no, i think to have all those dream teams of dinosaurs we need to waste more than 6k euros or grind 24/7 whitout life or family or work and even then i doubt cause spawn suck most of the time


The epitome of truth! So refreshing on this forum

Thanks for showing.
That’s about $4230 Canadian dollars.
$3200 usd

Thank you for sharing. This shows that even trying to P2W you would still need to put in a lot of time to grind out DNA.

My idea of the whole “P2W” is gas money (or other transportation), eating on the run, purchasing coins to fuse/level up and purchasing all the offers. Then time, which some of us have a lot of. Time to search out productive hunting areas and setting up a regular route where reliable spawns take place.

It is doable and I can appreciate the effort of the top players in the game.

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Post very interesting, first time i saw à community not bash cash player

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