This is not fair Ludia!


A little 20 mins ago and before I posted this. I purchased an epic scent marker and NOT 1 creature appeared in that entire 20 mins let alone any epics which are “supposed” to be guaranteed! This is very upsetting considering I spend my hard earned money in this game and for what to be swindled by a company which I have supported since the launch of JWA. I will be expressing my concerns about this lack of honesty in the Facebook JWA forums and groups. I am lvl 15 in the game and has purchased every lvl up offer presented to me,so yes I do enjoy playing your game and “didnt” mind spending money on something I enjoy doing. During the 20 min duration of the scent marker I was walking and numbers show if your walking you have an even better chance of attracting creatures. This is not right or fair to any consumer of your game and should be addressed promptly!


Hey Neo_Rucker, I’m sorry if you didn’t see any epic dinos while using the Epic Scent capsule, I can understand that would be really frustrating, and our support team would be more than happy to investigate this further. Reach out to our team here at with your support key so they can take a look and assist you.


If you’ve bought every level up offer you aren’t really losing out on any money seeing as you can throw that much at a game, I mean c’mon I’m level 12 and the last few have been stupid price like over £40, like no thank you


I take it you actually activated the scent capsule after you purchased it?


A lost is a lost,no matter how much I may spend and if I spend my money I want what I purchased and that didnt happen.


What is my support key?


Hey Neo_Rucker, your support key is the 8 letter code that appears at the bottom of the loading screen when you launch the game. It can also be found in your Player Profile > Settings menu at the bottom left corner.


Thank you for your help.


Had exactly the same thing with the free rare scent module they gave, activated it, waited 20 mins, no spawns.