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This Is Not OK (JWA)

This is not ok i used my level 21 Indoraptor Gen 2 against my opponent and only used strikes.


His team was really bad then lol


That’s what earned him the name “Incomeraptor”

The fact that can leave your phone alone and potentially win. :pensive:


no it was actually decent. Feel bad

Is it boosted?

Are you ok? You should really get some professional help you know …,

It’s a counterable dino, but maybe a little bit OP. Maybe 20% crit rate y high for a so powerful basic attack.

I think removing speed-up from CS is the best of the likely options.

Or every time you use CS it also uses some of your own health like special moves on beat em ups of yesteryear


Hmm that’s an idea, could work! I kind of like how it penalizes the user if used excessively :smiling_imp:

Indo G2 is defo overclocked. I have a decent unique team and often loose 2 dinos before I get rid of the opponents Indo G2. they either remove the speed up or decouple the cloak+distraction into cloak or distraction. The issue is that you don’t really have to boost your Indo G2 and can still beat 1-2 dinos. With speed + HP boost its pretty hard to beat.

I like how he literally came here just to insult Indo Gen 2 users and use it like a slur lol

Extremely boosted

lol :laughing: it is a Dino that needs to be nerves like take out the speed up or the distraction turn part of Its strike