This is odd

Ok so long story short I’m a complete weirdo and enjoy writing. Currently doing a series continuation of Primeval (if anyone remembers that show) and i was skimming through my old “new creatures” notes and found my original design for a “Future Wolf”. I think I uknowingly predicted Smilocephalosaurus. Here’s my description

Future Wolf: A quadropedal canine with extended canine fangs designed for slicing. To aid in cracking open the hard shells of its prey, this descendant of the Gray Wolf has developed a hard dome head which it uses to ram it’s prey, stun them and smash through their defences.

Ik its a canine and not a feline but hey. Quite the coincidence. If anyone wants lottery numbers, gimme a call


I loved Primeval, both the British and the Canadian version! Will it ever be back on TV?


One can dream

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Lol, Thad actually cool Haha