This is real world, not a drill

This is only happening on my game, not my daughters level 40 game

I just tried the adverts for DNA to see if it was working, and it gave me 50 bucks instead of 50 DNA, its happened 4 times, the 3rd time gave me DNA but now back onto bucks.

edit - just happened on my daughters too

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Same here, nice find!

30 seconds advertising for 50 bucks. That’s worth it as long as it goes. Thank you for the advice

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Back to dna for me

Hey @NatoPMT, could you let us know what devices you and your daughter are using for playing - is it Android or iOS? Thanks! :slight_smile:

@NatoPMT, don’t tell him!
They will fix it. They always fix bugs that give us an advantage instead of those really annoying issues.

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Gone with the wind. I am a little bit relieved, now I do no longer feel an implicit compulsion to watch advertising 24/7.

@ Sionsith - this is what I was reaching out to tell you yesterday…

Never ever point out a glitch or error that helps out the players. That they will fix quickly.


i’ve watched 3 adverts and its not even giving DNA now

It’s been flakey all day, sometimes working, sometimes not. Bad timing for me as I got a little excited buying hybrids this morning during the discount and didn’t realize I’d used up almost all my DNA. Oh well, hopefully I can get some decent rewards from the tournament for a change.

I am still not getting DNA for adverts. Anyone else?