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This is ridiculous

It is impossible to get this Dino. Does anyone know how to reach it?

This problem has been there for a while. I hope Ludia is working towards solving this.

Keep tapping, try different angles, youbwill eventually get it!

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If the Para’s head managed to clear the Strike Tower just a little bit, you might have a chance…but I don’t think you can get this one.

When I encounter this, I zoom in and angle the screen so that the creature’s head or tail is sticking directly outside the Strike Tower. Then, I attempt to click on the exposed portion of the dinosaur and attempt to not trigger the Strike Tower. Some creatures are too small (i.e. Ankylocodon) and you’ll almost assuredly never manage to get them out. Allosaurus and other long-tailed creatures are a little easier to get…but they’d be tons easier if Ludia fixed this problem in one of the next patches.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys.

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Just be glad it was a para and not an epic, i had a barry in there once. I did get him eventually though.
I also had the opposite, where inhad a stego stuck in it but i was trying to click the strike and i could not for the life of me click on the strike. I had to dart stego to continue with what I was doing​:grimacing::sweat_smile:

Howdy, @ecsman, it’s super frustrating when this happens! Our team has already been made aware of this issue, and they are trying to work towards a solution, but they’re really not sure when or if they will be able to come up with a fix. In the meantime, we recommend trying out what the others have suggested in this thread - I can definitely say that they’ve worked for me!

It has happened to me several times and I have not always managed to launch the dart. I tell you a way that usually works if the event is close. I leave the app to another application and return. Sometimes I simply go to see the creatures and come back … if I do that sometimes it starts to draw the screen first for the creature and then for the tower and, if I go very fast, I manage to shoot.