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This is the greatest high

Tell me, is this a good start? The start of a fun adventure, or just… what do you think of my progress?

Yet im still gonna complain about the mighty money event, but i dont really care about it anymore.

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Uh…I can’t see your progress other than you are level 57. I confused what exactly you are trying to show?


I think he meant the ressources


Oh if you meant resources then I would try to increase your coin production. I would also try to get more db and lp.

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As long as you’re having fun and enjoying the game then I’d say you’re doing fantastic.

I’m not sure if you were referring to your resources…or I see the VIP building there… perhaps you meant that?

The resources be in perpetual fluctuation. You’ll get to a stage where you max coins and a few offers later you’ll be wiped. Same with the other resources.

It fun to hit milestones though. I remember when I got to 100k DNA…I felt like Henry Wu up in here. Then I got to 5, 6,7,800k and sustained it. All a progression. Just enjoy the climb.


Its good dude and try to save more cash and the loyalty points
When I am 57 I think for 5 million coins 2 million food and 30000 dna
I saved upto 3000 cash and 10000 loyalty points
But now in 94 I have 99999999 coins 94 to 95 million food caz I feed the indominus 190 to 200 thousand dna 81000 loyalty points and most importantly 30000 cash
If u save like this ull make a great progress

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