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This is the totally unfair


I’m tired of losing to a bunch of players who are better than me, 3-1! They deserved to be punished! Not me! It’s just not fair!


actually they should change matchmaking for team level and not trophy level. :thinking:


It’s just that every time I always enter a match, I lose more trophies than winning them, they really need to even things up.

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This :arrow_heading_up:
The one true solution


the solution of all solutions :joy:

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Yeah punish those bad evil players who are guilty of having better teams than u! Burn them and throw their ashes away!

It‘s a shame that u have to battle stronger players, it‘s all their fault they chose u for their evil work and ur the victim!

I totally definitely honestly agree with u!




But seriously, blame Ludia for making it possible that very high lvl player can battle in low arenas or against low lvl players. Here I‘d totally agree, Ludia should do something.

But don‘t insult other players. We all want our incubators and trophies, and u can‘t just insult and blame other players for having better teams than u!

I understand ur frustration, but there‘s a line that should never be reached and u just crossed it and jumped way too far behind it.

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But good to see u changed ur original post. :wink:


Nope. Bad idea


Why is it a bad idea? It would fix the problem right away.

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It would create 20 new ones. The fix would have to be more complex like limiting “average team strength” by arena or something


I’m 4 for 14 today… RNG killed me…


Stop making rant topics.


I just can’t help it. Do they expect me to spend all of my hard earned dino coins to level my entire team to 25 in order to stay in Arena 9? That could take me months.:anguished:


I think people are missing your sarcasm.

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I just battled a level 20 player with a level 28 Indoraptor and 28 Magnapyri alongside other high levelled uniques. I’m at 3520 trophies. I really wish the matchmaking in this game would be fixed.

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Me too. I’m with you there Delta.


I agree that it is tiring to lose a lot in a row when your opponents are stronger than you. That is frustrating.

But do they deserve to be punished? Of course not! Why is it their fault for having a stronger team? Don’t hate the player, hate the game for matching you vs them.

You aren’t being punished by anyone. Nobody is targeting you to get treated unfairly. Your team or your strategy is just weaker, that’s all.


I dont think it is that unfair. I find the way the matches get maked fine. It just seems onlogical that you get an opponont based on team strenght. Because then a lv 10 player can for instance be the leader in a season.

The only 2 things I can think of that need some adressinh is that they have to look at the amount of trophies you get or lose based on the teophies of your opponont. It is logical that the amount of trophies your opponent has makes a difference. This needs to differ a litlle bit not -50 for a lose and then getting just 10 back for a win for instance. I think a nice range fir thus will be the interval (20,40) personally.

And the arenas need to get a lv cap. This is only for arena droppers and the fact that with the current event the meta in lower arena battles will be determined by who gets the unique on their team.