This is too far

You wanna know how much I don’t like the idea of another trust point dragon? I dislike it so much that you will now listen to this in shame.


I’m gonna be honest, at this point each time a new TP dragon gets announced i’m not even hyped, i am more like annoyed (and its not even because i cant get all 3 dupes, since so far i have each dupe for evry event dragon, its just that… give me a break).


I feel quite the same. I look and decide, maybe this one I’ll skip… Then, it comes back around and I’ll give it another look. Here’s the deal, you work hard to get the one that is cool. Then you really can’t use it for like another year. It’s painfully slow. How many 5* blues do you have that you can’t even really start on because you are inundated with other useless dragons to grind on.


Thats not even the main issue, for me the biggest issue is that from some reasons the last time we got an actually good 5* was 5 months ago (Freedom Hookfang).


And yet another one just showed up. At least give us another way to get trust points for last years dragons if you insist on bombarding us with new ones each year.