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This is unacceptable! I GOT BANNED FOR NOTHING!

Im the owner of the account L3v3nt with Indominus wallpaper and I JUST GET BANNED FOR NOTHING!
I was just uploaded my Allocodon costum hybrid and the site said that I was logget out.
When I logged in was banned for 1000 years!! I did nothing wrong. Please unban that account.

I really need help. Please I did nothing wrong.

Just wait the ban out. :man_shrugging:


Join the club.
Just do the ban appeal thing, look it up. They get back to you in a week. Making a new account is something they reaaally don’t like.

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which club?

Of people being banned for no reason. Lots of very active members have been banned including me 3 times.

I would love to join that club. My account was only 2 days old! How can I join?

Did you have another account before that?

No. The banned one was the first now thats the second to let community know what happened to me.

I think they mistook your new account for someone else who was banned. @J.C care to help out?

It says that my account banned beacuse of creating it to escape a ban?

Yes because someone with a similar name has been banned I guess

I created that account to give Ludia hybrid ideas. Just that. Daily costum hybrids. Just that

I’ve never laughed so hard.

To OP hopefully you get it it fixed. It’s crazy they even can ban untill 3019! :man_shrugging:

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Respond to the email with one of these and problem solved:



I really wish life was like that.

Like the Monopoly “get out of jail free" card!

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Except this way, the ban bot gets banned for 1000 years


Yeah that’s funnier when said that way.

Imagine being unbannable! Total forum anarchy. I would love it!