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This is unsolvable!😭

I have lots of MODs but I have to use 3 carnivores, and on top of that, whatever powerful MOD I put into play my opponent has the one that allows me to mix them all!

Is there a way to do it or is it impossible???

Three strong carniovres and three clone Mods, and hope for the best.


If you don’t have clone mods I would skip it, they are way too expensive in resources for just a legendary.

But definitely a pretty overpowered rivals for your Dinos


I use them often but sadly I ran out of them last time, the fact remains that my opponent owns the Mix MOD.

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Correct which means after the shuffle 5 MODs will be in play 3 clones, a nullify, and the one move bonus mod (forgot the name).

Best case scenario you end up with the opponents two Mods and they end up with your three clones, I would sacrifice which ever creature ends up with the nullify (if it landed on my team). After that it’s about careful movement of creatures and points.


Come on, I’ll try tonight!
Thanks for your advice

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This difficulty is why I have retired from these types of events. It is harder than F4F. On my alt account I faced lvl 30 super rares in the herbi event while my best creature was a lvl 20 monolophosaurus. This was a few weeks ago. I completed it because I was to low level for the final battle to be herbis ×3.
Also welcome to the forums

The strength of the creatures in these mods events seem beyond insane, this is my opening battle for said event compared to my top creatures…

I end up skipping these but good luck OP hopefully you solved it.


No, without the MODs clone is impossible… thanks anyway