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This is what I get matched against and I still win

So below is my team and I just broke the 1800 mark. The red circled is what I got drawn for battle.

Below was my opponents team and what they had drawn for battle.

My highest dino is 13 and two of my opponents have 17 Einiasaurus’s.
I have 6 level 11 dino’s and use them well.
My team average is 11.375 with 1800 trophy’s.
Their team average is 13.25 with only 900 some trophys.

If trophy’s / 100 + all team dino’s / 9 my team average would be 12.11 and theirs 12.77.

I can’t understand why my opponent has such low tropy’s with those dino’s. I won three strait battles tonight for my daily Incubator.

I see the trend going here. I battle high teams with low trophy’s or even teams with even trophy’s. I have not run into any low teams with high trophy’s because I’m too good. I AM the low team with high trophy’s. My primary account is the high team with low trophy’s battling the lower teams with high trophy’s.

Matchmaking does account for trophy’s and speculation is they are figured in as a 9th dino to match up by team average.