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This is what I think of you, DracoG2!

It’s nothing important, but I’m sorry, I had to share this. Here’s the situation: I had a Stegod in the field with half HP and my opponent had a lower level Indominus with low HP… I knew he had another dino so I used Thagomizer… And there comes DracoG2, in a desperate move, certainly hoping for a crit… it didn’t happen. Stegod is still alive and Draco is slow, with low HP, and pinned. All I had to do was finish it with any of my moves…

BUT… I still had my full HP Postosuchus… so I decided to swap and use it to express my feelings towards Draco… and VOILÀ!

Too much? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Mmmm you beat a common with two Dino’s that were also a higher level. The thing is getting nerfed anyway so doesn’t really matter

i love swapping in my dioraj or giga and pinning it thrn i torcher him lol.


I am a little confused with some moves and hope someone can clear me out:

1.Do i get to move first by swapping in a faster speed dino if my previous dino had hit opponent with a slow move? Won’t swapping out manually removed that priority move?

2.How about “stun”, do i also get to move first when i “stunned” opponent and swap in a faster speed dino?

In both situations it depends of your Dino was faster or not and if the swap / stun was related to a swap move or not

let’s take separately, non related.
So if i slow down my opponent and swap another faster speed, do i get to move first? I don’t think so right?
In another match if i stunned my opponent, will i go first again if i swap in a faster speed dino?

Actually postosuchus is one of the few dinosaurs that can kill draco gen 2 in one shot. :grinning:

I don’t understand your question about slowing down… if your swap to a faster dino you will go first in the next turn whether you slow the opponent down or not… but swap count as a “move” so you’ll have to take a hit or deal with any other kind of move the opponent makes at the turn of your swap…

For stun, if you are faster and stun your opponent, this dino won’t act at THAT turn, so it will already count as the turn of stun… that’s a common mistake… So if you swap you’ll take a hit… The opponent will only stay stunned if the dino you used to stun was slower than the opponent’s and used the stun after taking a hit… only in this case you can swap to another dino without your opponent acting…

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If you swap manually your opponent will hit your newcomer as a part of the turn. Then a new turn starts and if your Dino is faster you will hit first except against act first moves. You don’t deny its turn when swapping.

For stun it’s slightly more complicated, if you stun in one turn that means you will swap in the next one. If the opposing Dino was faster but your new Dino is faster you will act first without being hit first. If both of your Dino are faster than the opponent you will be hit just like the swapping scenario.

Both scenarios are quite different if you use a swap in move.

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After beating two higher level dinos, yes… Indoraptor and Monostego 21. That Draco2 would have killed me if I had a little less HP or it it had got a crit… And a crit in that situation would have made me angry… So I decided to play with my victim.

BTW that was really therapeutic… I recommend it.

oh no, sound so complicated, and that’s why i so confused. I match player that stun me and swap another dino in and move first but when i do the same, was hit first before i move…
Any possibility to make an example? lol

Do you remember which dinos you were using?

There isn’t a more satisfying feeling than destroying that little (not gonna write any harsh words, but you know which one I mean) by an intuitive swap :grin:


Sorry i can’t recall, but quite clearly remembered i was stunned and opponent swap in another and go again, when i tried in another match, i was hit…

Like I said, your opponent certainly stunned you with a slower dino (after being hit by yours)… Then he swapped to a faster dino and yours stayed stunned for a turn. So his will go first.

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