This is what I wanna see!

Show me your pics!


Lucky! My area is slacking right now but I did get an Epic scent from today’s scent incubator. Now just need to know when’s the best time to activate it?


DONT use it yet!! Use it on either Saturday or Sunday! Those are very hard to get, so use it when you really need one… btw, I dont think it attracts event dinos, so u can use it whenever you need it… why did I say everything I just did?:thinking:


This could be just by chance but I popped mine open today in my L1 neighborhood while walking around and got the following epics …

Sino and kentro are locals for me, and I wonder if Rex popped up b.c of the event?
1 rex could be by chance but 2 is surprising to me


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i dont need no stinking events lol. that was yesterday btw.

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Oi, sorry bout dat, theres still the rest of the day

(Void) didnt look at the pic

I’ve never had one nor would I give up 200 coins for one. Forget that. Thanks for the advice. It’s good advice. Lucky for me, you did say all that. Thank you!! :grin:

No, scents both use local and global spawns, trex is a global during the day :wink:

I’m not sure if this is accurate.

Epic scents do have a tendency to deliver epics based in the locale you’re in +/- globals well.
A lot of users have reported similar experiences.

I’m used this one in L1 and got 60% local epics …
Precious epic scents have been similar …my one guaranteed epic is usually local

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come to think of it… last time rex was an event i did get two rexy and two ourans while in L2. no i just checked when the last time rex was in an event and that was august. this was well after that.

Since L1 has 3 possible daylight epics and Trex is the only global daylight, that would match your results.
Use it at night and no more kentro/trex and hello baryonix ^^

edit: I must add you were VERY lucky, last L1 epic scent I popped gave me 1 concavenator :expressionless:

If you’re right, it’s about time my luck changed :joy:
This game has been giving me koola, concavenater, or secodonto every chance it gets :cry:

If this is Ludias attempt at an apology, I accept :gift:

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Its giving everyone that, they dont want every player reaching lvl 30 dinos in a year :stuck_out_tongue:

This ia probably going to come off as a total noob question but how do you know what level/zone you are in? Fyi. I’m not a noob. Just oblivious or a dumbass. Both can be accurate and I take no offense to this. I know my faults.

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Haha, no worries @Buttercup… I tend to be both, sometimes together.

Metahub did some research and found which spawns tend to be in the same area. There’s always a chance that you get something random as well, just a lot less likely. And globals obvi spawn everywhere so you can see them in any locale

@hersh really?? im jealous here… gggrrrr

Haha, this was long over due!

Half my rants are about the consistent trash I get from epic incubators and scents.

My perfect record has now been broken :joy:


Your doin well in your dinos… i feel im still newbie…gggrrrr

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