This is what I wanna see!

Haha thanks for the kind words!
I’m sure my hunting will slow down as it gets colder… what part of the country/world are you from?
I’m east coast USA by Washington DC

@hersh It’s getting colder here too. I live here in Montréal, Quebec, Canada. I find less people playing
JWA here. What’s ur profession? Hope you dont mind?

Oh man! You’ve got it way colder than me then!!
I’m in Health Care management, currently working on my MBA. So a grad student as well I guess :joy:
How about you?

Yes! Sometimes we reach -40 degree Celsius + wind chill factor… hmmmmm impressive!!! I’m woking in the hospital. :hotel:

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Yikes!! I’d be a human popsicle in that weather :grimacing:
I hear it’s a beautiful city tho!

I also got an epic scent! Went to my nearest L1 and popped it, got a Sino (wooo) to show up and I got 200 DNA from it as well as a Trex spawn!


@hersh hahahahaha!!! Human popsicle playing JWA!!! Btw, if by any chance you plan to visit Montreal, let me know. I’ll be a tour guide :slight_smile:

I had a feeling my 2 T. rex epic scent spawns were influenced by the event!
Nice work bud! Any vids from you today?

For sure! I don’t have any trips planned any time soon, but hopefully if and when I do, the temperature is at least in the positive double digits :thermometer::sunny::grin:

@hersh Oh come on… come here during :snowflake:winter :snowflake:where even your eyelids freeze… hahahaha!!!

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Actually im uploading a new video right now ^_^, only a few battles from my daily battle incubator so not Episode #3 yet. That will come soon :hugs:

Will post it in the “Gameplay worth sharing” thread once its finally done upSLOWding!
Will be in 720p HD also ^_^.

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Haha cool. I’ll be your first viewer :film_projector::popcorn:

New video is out now Hersh ^_^, but the audio on fight 1 and 2 is out of sync im sorry lol

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Thanks @Stiffeno ! I’ll check it out today :grin:

And it looks like @Liam_Catley had similar luck getting T. rexes from an epic incubator opened today! The evidence accumulates… :t_rex::chart_with_upwards_trend:

Got first two t.rex spawns then the rest was all secuntosaurus which i can’t complain as it was free and also ran into anky so claimed level 15 and 20 dna for rajanky

I never got that aswell i just walked around aimlessly hoping for a giod spawn haha

I thought it was great question. :grin:

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Good to know I’m not alone. Haha.

Thank you! I’m just curious to know what zone I’m in. :slight_smile:

It is confirmed. Scents produce epics and whatever they produce based on the local they are used in and yes, a global like Rex also is in play at daytime. At night you will see Barry and Brachi instead besides the local dinos.

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What do you typically see where you are? Especially commons?