This is what I wanna see!

I have popped an epic and gotten strictly global(T-Rex) from it, so it does happen-couldnt get a Sino to save my life for a few days(this was before the event)

Oh and for pictures Im sitting in my easychair and sometimes I see this guy just sitting on my porch… I think he likes getting darted

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You have a supply drop right outside your house? so lucky!

My sister and grandfather both have supply drops outside their houses and neither of them play…yet I cant get one at my place and I play a lot -_-! WHY!

I’m jealous

Haha u have no idea how happy I would be if i could do a strike tower from my bed …
And I have one neighbor who’s house is like a portal for epic spawns, considering making an offer on the house :joy: (if only)

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Mostly play on travels but sometimes get a saturday to walk around my small town collecting speical events doing strike towers and see what spawns so probably go throigh all the other locations without knowing