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This is what Pterovexus' moveset should be

The dsr is a little overkill but keep in mind its base damage is only 1k, I’d say the stats stay the same except I’d remove the swap in move and raise its base damage to at least 1.3k. What do y’all think?


How do you do that on the field guide app.
Edit Oh wait,you just screenshotted everything then pieces it together

It’s not to bad, but I have a few suggestions. Ditch nullifying strike and replace it with evasion strike or keep pinning strike. I’ve managed to take out Draco several times with pinning strike after they try to regen out. There is nothing wrong with DSR because Darwin has DSI. You’re on point with lethal swoop, but I don’t think Pterovexus should lose its swap-in move. It needs the added damage buff without a nerf elsewhere :+1:


I’ve used her quite a few times in strike towers and think she’s awesome as is. I liked her so much, I leveled her up recently. :grinning:

Pinning Strike, Distracting Impact, Nullifying Rampage, Lethal Swoop, Immunity, SI Dodge is my moveset idea, with an attack increase to about 1350.

Seeing it get Definite rampage would definitely put a smile on my face :slight_smile: lol


Love it. But i would prefer evasive strike and definitive rampage instead, the first to have some evasive move from monomimus and the second to merge darwin’s DSI with mono’s nullifying. And I would keep the swap in ability, or perhaps give swap in dodge.

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regen and lethal swap(priority)