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This is what we get for PvP battles now?

Now I’ve got the latest game update, I noticed that the PvP battle have just common dinosaurs as reward, and not only that, you just have one loop in the roulette. Im not sure if it is a bug that needs to be fixed, but if its not, it makes the unmodded pvp battles totally unworthy
Thanks for listening

I think what’s happened is an old bug from the last update has come back.
Because I’ve just checked my lv 20 spinotasuchus, and it how has double the health and power it did before the update, just like when it first came out, which also had this happen to the PVP rewards along side it.
So I’m thinking this is an old bug that the update may have accidentally let back out. Either that, or Ludia are trying to force the nerfs on us like “you don’t like common rewards, or no dino bucks for custom trade? Tough, deal with it!”