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THIS is why boosts are a bad idea

And trust me, that’s me putting it the nicest why possible. This Allosinosaurus, this completely INFERIOR hybrid, in every sense of the word, just took down my Thoradolosaur, who is also boosted, mind you, simply because mine doesn’t have enough speed anymore and her IC got outsped by a normally slower creature. I was all for it up until the exploits. But this is not what game ballance looks like, Ludia! My only regret in making this thread right now is that I didn’t think to get a screenshot with my Thoradolosaur in the picture.

Edit: Oh, and it also swept through the rest of my team, if anyone’s wondering. Which is why I made the post.

There is no real point of playing anymore unless you just like darting. i stopped seems like now collecting the dna,coins and everything it doesn’t matter unless you have the cash to buy which alot of players are under 18. Until all the people who are complaining and mad actually stop playing ludia doesnt care. And wont til they start actually losing money.

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