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This is why I love sanctuaries

We help each other unlock the exclusive guys.


Some people in my Alliance recently unlocked the Wooly Rhino, so now we have a few in Sanctuaries. Does feel pretty good to help each other out.

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congrats on the deer.
no one in my alliance has it yet. no one has a scent of claws to throw out. but we do have a bunch of rinos and mammoths.


Scent of Claws spawns it?

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yep. it has been confirmed by gampress and some players.


It’d be better if we could, you know… hunt them.
Don’t encourage Ludia lol.
Next update, 10 new creatures. None spawn in the wild.


Love me a sanctuary. Woolly rhino is coming along nicely thanks to our 2x Lvl 20s

Still not enough dna from feed, interact or play, epics should get at least 7 dna for interact and 10 dna for feed and play, Rares should get 15 for interact and 25 or 20 for feed and play, commons are fine

thats my analysis, sanctuaries still dont give enough

Their yield is fine. In a level 5ish sanc you can do a legendary fuse every single day. In a level 20, you get around 300 rare dna a day. All for doing nothing. It’s pretty dang awesome.

I’ve been looking everywhere for the Deer and I can’t find him anywhere! He is so pretty, wow!