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This is why I'm excited about the new matchmaking system

Hopefully it takes care of problems like this:

Because nothing improves my confidence in the arena more than losing 36 trophies to an almost all lvl 30 team.

My team for comparison:


Might not help for long

Ludia say trophies plus team equals match making score.

In theory you face same team once they’ve lost enough trophies.

But they shouldn’t be able to “drop” that low. No way they aren’t all the way down here on purpose. They should be matched with somewhat equal level teams if it works the way I hope it does.


Well… i wouldnt expect it to prevent matches like that from happening in the event that you do you would prolly only lose like 6 trophies…

Which brings around the pain when patch first hits… these droppers are going to have to play ALOT of matches to climb back up… ultimately most will decide they never want to experience climbing 1000k trophies… 5 or so trophies at a time and thus alot of them wont drop again.

But it also means they may be stuck in a lower arena for an extended period of time while they come to terms with the grind that awaits them.

The way I read it, it doesn’t matter what arena you are in. You will be matched with someone of similar level. So they technically should be matched with teams equal to them and even though they are in a “lower” arena should never face the teams that are rightfully there.


That’s not a dropper tho. He’s honestly probably just bad at the game. He’s in the top arena :joy: no point in dropping trophy count to stay in the same arena. U drop down to get different dna. Or he’s on his way back up and u just got an unlcky match


But with the new system this will be alot more unlikely to happen that’s for sure

This is gonna kill ALOT of motivation to pvp at all. I don’t want to drop down just to get incubators, but I will do what I must. The day I see a level 30 team in Arena 2 is the day I know this game is done.

I see people do it all the time to get “easy incs”. This is a major problem in low to mid Aviary and this isn’t the first one I’ve come across like this.

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That’s pointless lol it’s the same DNA at 4500 vs 10k. They don’t even know how to drop down right

It’s not about the DNA. It’s about the wait time for matches and filling incubators faster. So they “drop” to a lower trophy count to make it easy.

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If your dropping down it’s only SOMEWHAT worth it to do it for irritator. Even then it’s questionable :man_shrugging:

They said arena affects team score… unless we know the full equation its hard to how much team level means in the equation versus arena. But i dont think ot will prevent matches like this.

This games population isnt exactly huge so que times are something Ludia has to consider… the fact that they state team score differences will effect trophy rewards seems to imply these matches may still happen… hopefully on a smaller scale but when they do. You will lose very few trophies.

Which is better than nothing. I always seem to come across these people when I’m already on a losing streak so it’s just like putting salt in the wound.

Dino level, stat boost, and trohpy account will all be taken into affect as far as i understand it. But it’s also based off your highest leveled dino. So say ur highest dino is 29 or 30 and the rest of your team is 25. U will face level 30 teams

Oh i know the pain… ive dropped 400 trophies in the last two days…and last match i played was someone with higher lvls then me and I lost 30 some trophies… one match i won out of my last 5 matches was against someone who most likely felt i was a dropper… and i took 40 trophies from them.

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Looks like we will find out tomorrow lol.


Yeah I’m down 450 from my highest every on Friday. I know it’s just a bad RNG streak, but it doesn’t make it any easier :joy:

True. People drop just to get easy wins all the time… So they can just do a quick battle to get an incubator. I admit I sometimes think of doing that, 'cause since I’m always at the highest I can be, it sucks when I’m in a hurry and need to have five, six, or god knows how many more battles to get an incubator… But my desire for challenge is bigger :joy:

But if I did that, it surely wouldn’t be so low, cause people that do that are just spineless little bullies.


I don’t think they were dropping down in this case…