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This knocked me out of the Library

How can a level 30 boosted to this level exist at the bottom of the Library?

People thought Boosts 2.0 would help toward solving the Dracorat problem.
I think it has gotten worse!
At this level, I’m constantly getting crushed by OP DCs that my team don’t have the raw power to kill.

The above one from the screen shot managed to take out my full team; including one-shooting an Ino Gen 2 and Erliko.

I haven’t been in the Aviary in months. Usually floating between 52xx and 53xx trophies, but since the reset, I just can’t deal with the OP Thors and DCs.
I actually climbed to my all time high score soon after the reset, but it seems as though too many teams are exploiting the boost system now, and my fairly balanced team just can’t compete with all the OP monsters.

If JWA 1.11 doesn’t do something drastic to fix this nonsense, I’m out.
I’ve been a loyal player since pre-launch, but my patience is all but gone now.


Adding 2 more from my battles this morning.


well at least i am not the only one getting clobbered by a far too OP dracoRAT.!.
in 2 separate arena battles i got mangled worse than being tossed into a meat grinder alive and kicking mind you.!.
in both instances i faced off against opponents fielding dracoRATs at LV30 1st opponent had the RAT at 5680 HP, 2235 ATK, & 139 speed.!. in short i was obliterated in 3 hits goodnight hasta la vista 1st game over in the blink of an eye.!. :thinking: :scream: :thinking:
2nd arena battle i again faced off against the RAT at LV30 but this time round its powers were so OP it was totally sick as …>>> 5735 HP, 2380 ATK, & 142 speed :scream: :scream: :scream:
once again it was bye bye in seconds with a total loss of over 70 trophies dead and gone.!.
But like always we live in hope ( vainly i might add ) that one day the RAT will get his just
desserts ( RAT POISON ) and be nerfed out of existence for good.!.
P.S. i could not get screen shots of either arena battle because my stupid phones camera was on the fritz yet again… gggggggggggggggggrr


People keep telling themselves “Maybe this time Draco will not be relevant.” It was already in plain sight that people would boost the Draco and Thor and rule with only two boosted critters, especially since most players will go for high attack and leave their HP low even if they do add to HP. So what if the rest of their team is mostly useless? Most of the time they’ll draw 1 of the 2 if not both, and most of their team consists of tanks (especially Tryko and Dioraja and Stegodeus).


I’m in aviary with lv 20ish team. 46-4800 range. Very few rats that have that kind of damage. even the ones that are 25-27. Highest i’ve see is roughly 2800 on a swap in. They typically stay at most 2500ish This could be due to the power based matchmaking in that arena.

Try to think of the beat downs he gets when he doesn’t draw the rat, putting all boosts in that basket.
We do need a rat eject button. Push it when you expect a rat sucker punch and the rat gets launched out of the arena. No kill, you just can’t use it anymore.

Draco gives you the luxury of saving on HP / speed boosts, which can go to your Thor. And if you want to make a Nitro Thor, you can put the HP on a Tryko.

Sure, but if they are battling at that trophy range I expect them to be one trick ponies. It keeps me going so I will stubbornly believe this to be true :rofl:

Perhaps that dc was the only thing they boosted? I’m also in the library, unboosted with this team.

I stay around 5100-5300 and haven’t seen aviary since the season reset. Maybe you just need a more balanced team?

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For me rats aren’t problematic since boosts reset. Most are with low hp and easily killable. I’m unboosted in Library usually around 5200. Few times fall in Aviary but I’m always back soon. Here is my team.



Are you serious!?!

Can’t belive this can continue.


Those high boosted DCs are made by players who probably bought tons of boosts in 1.0

In the beginning of boosts introduction, you could buy A LOT of boosts.

Probably this players now could afford to make owerpowered rats.

Those players sit somewhere above 5500+

Those stats are not possible to have on a DC. Unless somehow they have t21 boosts on health and attack, while also having t16.5 speed boosts. Exaggerations like this need to stop.


Neither one of their examples are possible.



Thank you for posting. This should help curve some of those exaggerations, or at least make people aware of the max possible values of a DC in this new system. Without going to look, i would’ve somewhat believed those numbers.


Yeah, just lost several battles in a row in lower library to overboosted Thors and Rats that were well over my team level. Seems like not much has actually changed, except that Ludia is making more money from the boosts now.

Looking at other posts of teams in lower library (5200) though it seems my team is too low-level for it anyway. I don’t have anything dinos at 28-30 yet.

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are they really making more money from boosts? Or is it just off the players that can drop $180 a week on boosts. I personally don’t know anyone willing to do that.

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They are desperate, thats why there are so many different boosts offers. Majority of players don’t buy boosts after reset.

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I’m curious as to what will happen first :thinking:

A. Players quit buying boosts completely and Ludia just gives up and scraps the game altogether.


B. They realize the addition of boosts has ruined their game and remove them altogether, in hopes that players will come back and start spending money again.