This makes no sense


So if the common has a shield breaking attack, why the hell doesn’t it’s hybrid… it just makes no sense, and makes the Dino abit pointless…
If it had a defence shattering move, it would be worth using, but without, what’s the point in making it ?


Don’t use it. Its ingradient Allo is better…


But I want the fancy pink dinosaur


I’m pretty sure this is something missed out from the update. Until recently Allosaurus didnt have a shield-breaking attack, it was only added recently along with Tarbosaurus and a few other ‘wall-breakers’ being buffed, probably in response to the tank-heavy meta. They probably forgot to buff the hybrid as well. They tend to do that; Tragodistis is ridiculously fast for a tank because Parasaurolophus used to be fast and they didnt change it when they overhauled the hadrosaurs to be better raptor couners.


Tragodists attack points are so low, now that everything has defense shattering / nullifying it’s speed is the only thing going for it.


Also it is so hard to physically make myself write defense rather than defence :expressionless:


I’m not saying its OP or too fast or anything, it’s just a case of it no longer making sense in the context of the dinosaurs fused into the hybrid.


It’s such a weird hybrid :sweat_smile:


why does gorgosuchus have 2 shattering attacks and megalosuchus gets none?