This may be an unpopular opinion but

im a professional ui/ux designer with some amount of experience (so whether you agree or not, this opinion has maybe just a little merit). i believe this game is going to start losing active users fast, if it already hasn’t, because its a really mundane grind.

i understand making it difficult but at some point, people are just going to lose interest… its just the same 5 color puzzle game with some cool dragons… the slag is… the odds of getting the better dragons seems to be so laughably low, people are going to get bored (i am) at the plateaus doing the same repeatable quests… and you need like 3 or 4 of them to advance them. its just matte color dull.

and… i get it… maybe YOU’RE not bored personally… but you cant keep a game running with just a very small group of dedicated players. the opportunity cost of the resources is too high.

…and ludia… if you’re reading this… if you’re currently hiring, ignore everything i just said… the game is aces! (i have an up to date resume)


The grinding gets boring sometimes, indeed. That‘s why a lot of people who are not bored of the game (yet) are asking for a „skip“ button in repeatable quests. I‘m personally running the repeatables only on auto fight mode because my dragons grew strong enough and I don‘t see the need to search for decent matches if the enemies are down after two or three hits anyway (what‘s great for grinding quests, don‘t get me wrong!)

hey, thanks for the response. i may have not been super clear. my issue isnt really the auto-play. my dragons are strong enough to autoplay everything but the 6300 tier.

its more that i have no dragons im interested in leveling. the way the game is structured, there’s almost zero point in leveling up more 3 star dragons and i cant seem to breed any 4 star dragons. (4* + 3* has equaled 2* for like 3 weeks now) i dont think im particularly unlucky judging by the people i know who started playing. of those people, im the only one left… and thats ONLY really cause i love httyd.

…and you need like multiple of each with no real way of selecting. its maddening.

i used to be stoked when i got some actions… now its like… if im in a line or waiting on something, ill use them. otherwise, they sit there.

difficult is good. close to hopeless makes people stop playing. the people who actually would come to the forum aren’t really the average player. most people just… move along.

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Oh, okay, then I misunderstood your statement, I thought that were two points (dragons are hard to get and gameplay gets boring) but sounds like it‘s only the one to get stronger dragons. I guess I must‘ve been one of the lucky players, I bred almost all of my 4 stars and now got a bunch of them. It took some time but with some patience I went lucky - so of course I can‘t speak for those who are waiting forever to get their stronger dragons.
Did you think about joining a good clan? With maxed 3 stars there are clans who will take you and defeat 7 star Alphas with you - that‘s the Alpha chest level where you get 4 star dragons out of the chest.

i mean, i made both points but mostly i think the average user is going to lose interest pretty quickly. im hella bored of it tbh.

i prolly could get into an good clan judging by the recruitment ads on here but ive never really been much of a joiner. ill deff consider it.


hmmm guess its not an unpopular opinion after all