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This mission is so lame

I have 7 (8 including 1 Gen 2) Indoraptors so making a lvl 11 isnt a problem, its the fact that this president has been set and so it raises the bar for the potential missions that might follow. Thus the future might hold more missions to get the Indo, or even other high-end dinos, to even higher levels, if not to 40.

Its so lame Ludia, that your pushing high end players towards impossible battles and limited dino pools.

I guess this is the mission that ends me trying to finish every mission in the game…


You could make another I rex level 40


Yeah, I posted screen shots to these missions so you could plan ahead… I understand your complaint, but it could have been avoided.

Yup 29k X 8= +200k…

200k for max Indominus is more than you’ll ever get back from the missions themselves.

Missions really don’t generate anything of use. I did them all early on but once you’ve hit max level I really don’t see the point…other than the completionist factor.

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I agree 100%, but that’s why I’m also continuing to work on them, albeit I’m currently stalled out on the same Mission

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Then the ferocity is higher than a lvl 1 indo which are currently my top dinos. Thus meaning id have to sell it after I complete the mission else risk imbalancing my lifeup.

My goal is to hatch 2 indos to fuse to a lvl 11, then just sell them. I already had 3000 sdna saved up, so i just need 1000 more to go.

I stopped at this mission as well.
Everything is zen in my park right now.
I complete every event and it’s legitimately fun to play.

I don’t feel like crossing that threshold just yet.

Right now I’m just trying to get all my Jurassic tournament creatures to Level 40. Almost completed my goal but will have another 8 copies of the new creature on Monday.

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