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This must be a mistake

Maybe a and change ago or so, I matched with Mamarou Ito, but today I matched with Dieter (sp) isn’t he supposed to be Mamarou’s counterpart? (I like to refer to them as Echo fighters) ive never seen that happen before and it looked like a conversation had already started with him as well. I got nervous that it forced Mamarou out of my inbox. Anybody else experience this??? :thinking:

Hi, @E_Denise, that definitely doesn’t sound like things are working as intended. :sweat:
Could you kindly reach out to our support team at so that they can investigate? If you include your Support Key in the email they’ll be able to find you faster in their system!

My meter isn’t going up either. I decided to bite the bullet and continue when he messaged me back and when he liked one of my responses, the meter stayed the same.