This must be the nerf that Ceramagnus must receive

Ceramagnus should only nerf speed up to 111 points and nothing else since the first 4 and main apex have 4500 life, 1500 attack and minimum speed of 108 or more, what does not make sense is that it is the fastest of the 4 main apex since the fastest should be gorgotrebax to be a crafty, the class with the most speed photo not to die ignored

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As a resilient with a speed up move, i see no reason for It to be faster than most fierce dinos. It could have 105-107 speed and It would still be pretty strong. But with less speed It would allow fierce dinos to at least outspeed It naturally, as It should be.


How about get rid of the speedup move in the first place. A turn 1 priority strike on a swap in attacker (that also gives them speed priority) is just too much. People have Tuoramoloch for speedup in raids anyway.


Swap Group Accel for Instant Charge, Precise Rampage for Resilient Rampage, and Acute Stun for Greater Decelerating Impact (or the Group version of it if it needs to be Raid viable).

With IC and RR both having a 1 turn delay, this means Cera can’t outspeed a faster Fierce or Cunning on the next turn, but both GDI and RR let it take down Cunnings like it should while only damaging faster Fierce creatures with high or total Deceleration resistance, and it’ll still lose to Grypolyth even in spite of the lack of Decel Resistance.

In essence, slightly buffing it in that way also kinda nerfs it since it can’t do much of anything on Turn 1 even with a Swap In.


For my version of ceramagnus…
Hp-4500 dropped to 4250
Speed-114 dropped to 108
Crit- 20â„… dropped to 5â„…
Group Acceleration changed Group Accelerating Dig In(similar to Dig In but increases speed by 30â„…)
Acute stun changed to Greater stunning Impact or Lethal Charge…
Reduce Damage-0â„… to 50%


Maybe not remove group acceleration since group acceleration doesn’t do that much damage (depending on the ceramagnus and your level) and it’s his only group abilitie so he should keep it. Maybe greater stunning impact for accurate stun. Yes Resilient rampage is a good idea


It does though, when combined with everything else. Keep in mind that Magnus usually enters battle with a swap in attack, which may stun the opponent. Then you use a priority strike right away, which also gives you speed priority going into the next turn. So Magnus usually gets in 2x damage before your opponent can even attack, and using a rampage on turn 2 let’s you do 4x damage while your opponent has possibly only attacked once. With 1500 attack, that’s 6000 damage! It definitely adds up.

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I mean, removing group accel is one way to do It, but not necessarily the only one. To me the main issue with cera is the fact that It has too much damage output. That could be dealt with by swaping precise rampage with an impact move, and If that impact move has a delay It has even less options turn 1. I think this could be a good way to nerf It without changing much of its identity as a high damage swapper. It could still retain the high damage swap in and even the accel move as long as the damage output is limited on 1v1. So even If It could outspeed, after the accel hit, It wouldn’t be killing a fierce dino that just came in after the last creature got swap killed.
But If group accel is replaced by something else, i don’t think It should ever be dig in. Dig in would make It even harder to kill and allow It to swap sooner, so It wouldn’t be a good idea on a creature like cera. I’d like to see other options tho, as long as they lower the overall damage output after swap. That’s one thing that helps keep rhino in check.


An interesting kit, but i feel It still allows for too much damage output after the swap. It could have an impact on the first turn and another impact on delay. With the damage It has it would be good enough against cunnings considering It is a swapper

Yep but it also depends on the ceramagnus in terms of boosts and other things like the level and health of your creature

That also depends on your opponents level and boosts too. The best way to assess strength is on equal footing, and on equal footing Magnus clearly has too much damage output on turn 1.

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Agreed. I would just rather target group acceleration because it plays into how Magnus I’d abused: taking down an already weak opponent before they can even attack. Tweaking the rampage only changes the turn 2 non-priority damage output, which I’m not sure is the most unfair aspect of Magnus. By removing group acceleration, it cuts the threshold for what counts as a “weak” opponent (opponents Magnus can take out in a single turn without taking damage itself) in half, from 3000 hp down to 1500 hp. A small damage nerf only does a fraction of that: for example, a damage nerf to 1300 damage only cuts this down by 400 hp, from 3000 hp to 2600 hp. This helps if the opponent is at full health, but when you swap into Magnus they rarely are with the “chomp and swap” strategy - which will become very important with Mortem getting buffs soon.

Agreed, i also don’t think simply nerfing the damage stat solves the issue, It needs a tweak in the kit. It would also be a good opportunity to give It it’s own signature move, i think all apexes should have one.
Also, is there a datamine on Mortem getting a buff? Where? Did i miss it? :eyes:


Yeah the datamine says that Hadros and Magnus are overperforming so they’re getting nerfed, and Mortem is underperforming currently (mainly because it gets crushed by the other two through no fault of its own), so it’s getting a buff. I hope they change out the cleansing impact though if they do that.


I hope so too


I think almost the same but ludia has us used to the other and then we feel uncomfortable

I think it should be more realistic for example triceratops is faster than tyranosaurus but tyranosaurus is stronger so it should be 50/50 the tyranosaurus being offensive and the triceratops being more defensive in general it should be more realistic

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another example is brachiosaurus in the game it is faster than tyranosaurus and in reality it should be the opposite, the problem is in the speed they put the dinosaurs in the game


in real life triceratops ana vs t rex ace

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Bro, stat playing the game ceramegnas doesn’t need any nerve.

It got 15 counters which is already too much for an apex