This must be the nerf that Ceramagnus must receive

I think it’s kind of a whino/mrhino situation, where the main kit is more or less fine (if strong), but the swap in damage is very high and can be abused. The main difference with Magnus is that it has a turn one priority move that further amplifies its “damage before getting attacked” threshold

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Maybe add a speedup counter to make up for the missing instant accel, but crit should stay 20% because it does have a huge horn. Most apexes have crits higher than 20% except Hadros at 5% and Refrenatem at 10%. (Which I think deserves a buff)

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The general thought process is that it won’t survive against a faster Fierce creature unless it’s brought in when Fierce Rampage or it’s variant has already been used.

Even then though, it would be easily set up for a revenge kill

I mean yeah, first of all I don’t see any problem if an apex resilent having the highest damage a resilient can get (1500) unless it’s too broken like hadro.

But the thing it, let me just tell u what I actually do in this situation. I usually switch to my grypo to spino to get the counter of and not even take that many damage. After that I settle up and finish the job.

And I did calculated and found 15 1v1 counter for care and most of the Dino’s r widely used. So I think Cera ain’t that much of a problem anymore in PvP. As much as sr3 or compy is.

Yeah, thee are certain ways to deal with it, but it’s still very hard to counter that swap in. Switching to spino may be a good move if they do switch, but not if they don’t. But the strength of Magnus is so much that any time you get to even slightly low health you have to expect it to swap in if you want to counter it, and no dino should have that much influence over every matchup in the game. So that’s why the swap in/priority damage specifically should be nerfed, or players should be given more universal tools to counter swap in attacks. I do agree that CompC at least is pretty strong as well (especially once Skoona is rightfully nerfed). SR3 is debatable for me, but I could see some fair changes to it’s kit being implemented.

At least u admit that there some way to deal with it perfectly but u also need to admit that Cera has to be strong why cuz it’s an apex.

It is hard to counter it but not impossible and it is how it should be for an apex. It should always put an impact on every match. But I won’t say a single word of the nerve of it is like 100% perfect to still keep it the best resilient and usable.

Which I highly doubt that will be cuz Ludia if talking about buff/nerve can’t do it perfectly, I don’t think I need to give example.

Ceramagnus’ moves are absolutely fine, hear me out. But its 1500 damage needs to be toned down.

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Yeah in a straight-up 1v1 magnus is more or less fine. But swapping exists, and the swap in damage potential of Magnus is too strong and needs to be toned down (especially considering how common vulnerability is now). It shouldn’t be weak by any means, but these particular aspects of its kit are currently dominating how the game is played.


I mean is it Ceramegnas fault that it can now hit harder with that vaunrability? Like it’s the system now.

It’s not swap in applied vaunrability stunning strick… Like common now.


It’s really not, but those aspects of it were already too strong before, it’s just even stronger now.

Brooooo it’s not Cera’s fault. The system and players who played with it made it stronger. Like now monolorino does as much as damage as Cera before 2.9 but did either mono or Cera go buff? No!!! The system got changed.

And cuz of that it doesn’t means this 2 wonderful creature needs to be nerved.

Eh part of it is definitely ceras fault. There’s a reason it was still clearly the strongest dino in the game even before the resilient changes.

Ceramagnus is fine. It’s more or less a sitting duck while it is locked for 2 turns. If anything a small reduction of its damage might do the trick, better would be 5% chance of a critical hit like all the other SiSS creatures instead of the current 20% (feeling like 100% against you and 0% for you).


30% speed increase instead of 50% would be better.


That’s no point at all, Cera is fine.

I firmly disagree, but that’s just you against me. Ludia seems to think Ceramagnus and Hadros are too strong right now though, so nerfs are going to happen.

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Yeah it will cuz there is a lot of players begging for that without any logical reason. The only reason they say that oh it’s too good my Dino can’t counter it so nerve it so I can find another Dino to ask there nerve.

Nerve will happen but it won’t be good.

And anyways it is the game the way of playing JWA, is to ask for nerve and no need to make yourself stronger :), real good tradition

I wouldn’t say it’s for no reason, people who don’t think Magnus needs at least a small nerf seem to be in the minority, and it absolutely dominated the meta even before 2.9. Ludia rarely listens to the community anyway: if they are doing something, it’s probably because their own analytics are backing up what most people are saying.

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Nerfs always have a place in the game. If your choice is between nerfing one dino that is demonstrably too strong or buffing 50 dinos up to that one dinos level, nerfing the one dino will always be more efficient for a developer (and give them fewer chances to mess up).

Plus just buffing all the time leads to power creep. We’re actually seeing a lot of that lately. Stuff like Hadros and Magnus were really strong, but instead of nerfing them before Ludia released new creatures that were as strong as they were (CompC, SR3) and buffed creatures up to their level (Skoona, Testa). But since all of these were still stronger than most of the meta, it didn’t actually balance the game: it just created more OP creatures. You simply cannot buff indefinitely or as extensively as needed, so nerfs absolutely should be implemented when appropriate. It’s one of the basic principles of game design.