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This needs a moment of Appreciation


I just got my Pteranodon done today,and can we take a moment to appreciate how good this design is,I was actually stunned,because in Jurassic World Alive,there is no variation in color and it is just a plain Yellow and brown design with a red beak,but in Jurassic world the game, and it looks like a cheap toy there,while here it looks so much better


At level 40 it looks like a nightmare of Salvatore Dali.


Looks way better than the JW Alive one.

Rainbow like design at max. I finally have a good Pterosaur other than Zhejiangopterus.

Imagine if this explosion of colour existed in real. It would have had a very tough time trying to sneak up its prey. Anyone who looked into the sky would have seen it even if it was still miles away.


Fun facts from a science nerd:

Many birds and reptiles are tetrachromats, meaning they have four types of cones in there eyes to see colors. Many birds, fish and reptiles can see down into the UV light areas that you humans cannot see. So things like flowers, feathers, and skin on some animals that seem bland to the human eye are really a vibrant display of reflected UV.

So the “flew threw a rainbow and was hit by a unicorn vomiting skittles” color pattern of our pteranodon at level 31+ might be closer to what other pteranodons see anyway.

The optical brighteners used in most laundry detergents really glow as well. This is why military, hunters, and wildlife photographers either use optical brightened free detergents or add dyes to help cancel the low blue fluorescence of those brighteners.

End of fun facts…

Congratulations on the pteranodon!


And that is one of the many reasons why JWTG is better than JWA. Almost every creature at level 40 has impressive colours and body characteristics when at JWA you have less impressive colours. In that game you can’t even zoom the camera to take a closer view at the creatures or see them from every side you want (you can only turn the camera left and right ). Huge advantage of JWTG.


Yes,plus when you get higher up in JWA,it is a real struggle,here you can keep everything balanced with ferocity,but there you face real people,and this results in broken matchups,boosts are the game breaking factor,the boosts are just such a bad idea ludia. Only those who pay for boosts can survive,those who do not are thrashed.


Honestly one of the worst epics

Look at how it looks in JW Alive,Gojiraptor just posted it in the thread.

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Thanks for this,it indeed is one of the worst epics,the only way you can see it in a different angle,is Sanctuaries,and I am sure nobody puts a Pteranodon in a Sanctuary,cause Pteraquetzal is not worth the hype.

I do not know why they made it such a bad creature. Pteranodon deserved more,just cause it is an epic,that does not make it great. When we asked for nerfing Procerathomimus,they nerfed Proceratosaurus,it did not need a nerf,its hybrid did. I can expect another Monomimus nerf coming up. Procerathomimus and boosts are the only reason I left the game.

Pterequetzal is actually a component for quetzorion which is a pretty useful unique

Not after the nerf.