This NEEDS to be fixed BEFORE the tournament starts


I’m so fed up with this happening. It’s not very often but it’s pathetic that it’s been going on for months and still continues to happen. Matches need to get an automatic draw when someone gets disconnected. And I don’t even know why I’m not connecting, if that’s even the case. There’s nothing wrong with my connection. My phone works just fine before and after this happens. I’m tired of losing trophies senselessly after working hard on winning battles.


I think we will have an update before the beginning of the tournament! Wait and see…


If that screen gets down to 1:40 i close and restart…it either puts me back in the map, back on this screen or put me back in time for battle


I should start doing that. I’ve had it get below 1 minute and actually start a match, so I end up waiting too long now, thinking it’ll actually start.


Oh, the amount of times i had lost just because the game decided to freeze/crash/disconnect for no apparent reason in the middle of the battle, that is epic :rofl:


Just happened to me. I closed the app at 1:40 and came up on the map when I restarted it. Through hard experience, I knew enough to double check that so I hard closed and reopened a second time back-to-back with the first. The second time it opened at the dino selection screen with just barely enough time to pick the starter I wanted.


Have you ever encountered situation where during battle, out of blue your skill buttons disapeared??
Sometimes all, sometimes only few or they appeared on the wrong side of the screen?? That’s fun :rofl:
Or even better, did you lose a dino, got ready to pick next one just to find out that you cannot pick any because the cards didn’t flip?? I am telling you, it’s lucky that good phones are so expensive this days, otherwise mine would kiss the wall at high speed many times. :slight_smile:

I have funny feeling that if i would got reimbursed only for the trophies i had lost because of bugs i would be at least one arena up.


Yeah I’ve had the buttons disappear and shrink too. I see it less often these days but it still happens and is annoying. I would love to see how many trophies I’m owed for glitches and matches that started without me.


Well, i don’t know for how long you are playing this game, cause i have started June, so i am quite fresh actually and have already encountered a lot of glitches, now imagine if you were first player :rofl:

I bet that if Ludia would consider to “return” any trophies to everyone,whom they “owe”, it would have to add extra 3 arenas so half of game population won’t hit max cap at once :rofl:


And this 666 on Indom health at the end of the video…?


The amount of times the game disconnects during a battle making me lose the game is really annoying. Its definitely not my connection as the data /WiFi is pretty strong here?
Ludia only come back with it must be on my side? How so when it’s happening to a hell of a lot of players??


There is a lot of factors behind it, and collectively the fault is probably on both sides.
I agree, battles are in dire need of redesigning, yet we as users often mess up ourselves.
What I do, I make sure I close every app in background to avoid memory lag (that’s when game crashes), and if I switch connection between WiFi and data I would restart JWA as well.
It’s not perfect solution, I still tend to have issues regarding connection which I think is down to mobile network but it actually minimised amount of flops.


This is bad when this happens and your connected to you 50GB speed home network. Can’t be me.


I am not sure if that is possible, but it would probably be a good idea to make battles preload as a whole, I wouldn’t mind seeing loading screen for a bit longer in order to avoid crashes, the question is whether mobiles can handle that much of data at once.


I never let the time go more than 20 seconds!


It’s evil! Evil I tells ya!


Automatic draw when someone gets disconnected ?

So when youre loosing, exit and get a draw.
Every match would end in a draw :joy:


I just meant at the beginning of the match, not halfway through. There seems to be an issue randomly with the match initially connecting.


Whenever I’m on one bar of WiFi, my buttons disappear and the characters freeze and in attacking, they float forwards and backwards.

This only happened with Vodafone.


Hey TheMaxx, I’m sorry that this is happening and I understand it’s frustrating. Our team has been notified, but this issue is usually caused by an unstable connection to the game. Try some of the troubleshooting steps on this thread here because it could help in preventing this from happening again: Lost a battle I was winning
If you’re still having problems, reach out to our support team at with your support key so they can take a closer look at your account.