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This needs to change


Look at this.

One try, one try, ONE TRY!? Ok I know it’s a Legendary but come on! One try isn’t a lot, I think 4 tries would be better in my opinion, don’t you agree?


Nah. One is fine.


Eh, but hey, at least I don’t have to start from zero.


Think of it this way that one attempt saved you 1500 para and 150 stygi dna… since 10 fuses are so common.


It should be 3 attempts on these dinosaurs not 1. That would be fair.


Not everyone’s the best at darting, how much did you get?

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I agree 3 is good.

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Personally think 1 is fine, always been 1 so dont think it’d be fair to ‘hand’ legendaries out when alot of people had to grind for them. I managed 136.

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I will say for a christmas event 1 attempt is kinda stingy but thats ludia for you… ill take what i can get from them even if its less then what ive recieved in other games…

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189 I think


I got 83, nonvip. 1 attempt is okay with me, though 10 would be fantastic. Just sayin’.


It depends on your player level, I got 175 DNA from it and some skilled darters can get over 200 DNA and unlock it immediately. This shows how important level is in the long run!


It’s supposed to be a little push of help, not a handout. 1 is fine. It’s a generous treat


I’d like it to be 2 or 3 tries. And 1 for unique.

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I agree with the post above that 1 try is more than enough… If they had more tries, there would be nothing worth going for… 1 try on a legendary or higher is to get you a head start… not to give it to you…

I just wish that Stygimolch was a little easier to get DNA for…

At level 16, I managed to dart 140 on Paramoloch today… that basically amounts to saving me 700 Stygimoloch DNA that I don’t have to fuse…

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I got 175 at level 19 and 104 on my son’s level 12 account. I think 1 is enough only because they’re supposed to be hard to get.


Don’t blame the game for being bad at darting, 1 attempt is fine, its supposed to boost you to unlock/level up it, not to unlock it.


I see a player got 206 DNA so,aprox 200×3=600 DNA.i think 1 is enough


With one attempt i got over 200 dna with vip. One is fair enough. If you keep leveling you’ll be able to land a lot of dna as well.


Ok guys, I get it, no need to waste time.