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This new update is fantastic, but

This new update is really good and has improved my playing experience a fair bit. However, this does not take away from the fact that boosts are still in the game and winning a battle is based mostly on luck and not actual skill or mindgames. Just had to fight a level 21 highly boosted Allosinosaurus with my non-boosted level 15 and bellow epics. It had 132 speed and roughly 1500 attack meaning it out sped and one shot my entire team. Not to mention that I have lost so many battles just because somebody’s cloak/dodge using creature has gotten a non-cloak hit on my cloak/dodge using creature twice in a row, sometimes with a critical or two, while my hits have both been dampened by cloak with no crit. Please ludia do something about the fact that this game is literally you losing or winning based on how much money the other player has spent on the game and how good of a day Google is having. Any luck based moves in the game should be high risk, high reward.

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